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How to Say No

I looked up and was absolutely terrified. The person I trusted so fully was angry at me for stating my boundaries. My mind was racing. I began to have flashbacks to the moment when my choice was taken from me. My heart was pounding so heavy, the sound filled my ears. The more I protested,Continue reading “How to Say No”

Episode 29: How to Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

We’re going to get a little ‘tough love’ today. One of the biggest things I see on a regular basis is the constant self sabotage. When we start to go outside of our comfort zone, our brain begins to panic. Why? Because our brains like to know what’s going to happen, they like to beContinue reading “Episode 29: How to Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot”

The Why Test

‘Why’ is one of the most powerful words in existence. Why? Because it can give us answers to the things we are most desperate to know (see what I did there?). So often we run from why because we don’t truly want to know. Because if we actually know why something is happening, our excusesContinue reading “The Why Test”


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Karleigh is a coach, podcaster, and educator that has made it her mission to help women see how amazing they are and see their worth. She’s a single mom in a small town in Washington. If her nose isn’t in a book, she’s either working out, playing with her son, or jamming out on the Xbox.

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