Screw the Scale

I woke up excited and jumped out of bed. Today was the day. Today was the day that I was going to see the scale drop. I went to the bathroom and stayed on the toilet for at least 15 minutes after I was done. Just to make sure there’s nothing left that could impactContinue reading “Screw the Scale”

The Truth of Spot Reducing and my Top 3 Ways to get rid of Fat

Whenever I hear this term my eyes roll back into my head. It isn’t on purpose – it’s just my natural response. I thought that the myth of spot reducing had well been dismissed. But when I heard from a fellow fitness friend that he believed it was possible, I realized it’s something that definitelyContinue reading “The Truth of Spot Reducing and my Top 3 Ways to get rid of Fat”

NSVs: What they are and why they’re important

Hashtag ‘NSV’ is something you’ll come across often if you follow weight loss journeys on instagram or blogging sites like Tumblr. NSV stands for Non Scale Victory. It is about milestones on your fitness journey that aren’t related to the scale. There are going to be times, and I’m sure you’ve already experienced this, whereContinue reading “NSVs: What they are and why they’re important”