Tag: weight loss goals

  • Screw the Scale

    I woke up excited and jumped out of bed. Today was the day. Today was the day that I was going to see the scale drop. I went to the bathroom and stayed on the toilet for at least 15 minutes after I was done. Just to make sure there’s nothing left that could impact […]

  • Ask for Help

    I don’t need help. How many times have you said that to yourself, only to regret it later? How many times have you said that because you think you should know what to do but you you’re upset that you don’t? I’ve been there. Because I knew so much about nutrition, I told myself that […]

  • How To Gain Momentum

     Merriam Webster defines momentum as: strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. Strength is gained by motion. By moving forward, you become stronger. The moment you stop, that momentum is lost and you’ll have to begin again. This is why momentum is so important. What do I mean when I […]

  • How to Finally Set Goals that Stick

    Y’all see it all of the time, especially at this time of year. Everyone is ‘setting goals’ that they’re going to magically follow through with on the first of the year. But really, are they real goals? Or are they just things that sound nice? Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of […]