Episode 14: Is your body image affecting your friendships?

Last week I discussed body image and how to end the war on your body. If you haven’t listened to that yet, hit pause and go back and listen to it. It was really good and super informative. Today I’m going to talk about body image and friendships. Most of us don’t realize how ourContinue reading “Episode 14: Is your body image affecting your friendships?”

Confidence Builders Mini Course

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a life you don’t really want? Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Do you feel like you’re not worthy of a life you love? Do you struggle with believing you can do it? Then girl, this challenge is for you. I created thisContinue reading “Confidence Builders Mini Course”

Internalize the Little Victories

Can you do me a favor real quick? If you struggle with feeling like you’re enough, raise your hand.If you feel like you’re always moving but never getting anything done, raise your hand.If you feel like you’re not worth it, raise your hand.If you are given a compliment and you feel uncomfortable, raise your hand.Continue reading “Internalize the Little Victories”

Generate your own Energy

When I first took my personal development seriously about a year ago, I happened upon a guy named Brendon Burchard. He was energetic, always smiling, and was happy to the point of being annoying. Who is this guy and can he stop all the smiling? But for whatever reason, I kept listening to what heContinue reading “Generate your own Energy”