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  • Confidence through Movement

    I walked past the mirror and looked at my flabby body up and down for the fiftieth time today. All I saw was a bloated face with a ridiculous second chin. I saw the hanging gut, the thighs with too much jiggle, and a sagging butt. I didn’t see any beauty in my body at […]

  • Episode 13: Your Body is MAGIC

    Episode 13: Your Body is MAGIC

    Isn’t your body amazing? Think about all of the amazing things your body does for you. It wakes up every morning. It’s breathing right now. It’s allowing you to listen to this. Your brain is still helping your body function. If you’re a momma with a biological child – boo, that body created LIFE. If […]

  • How to Break Free from the Scale

    Our society is obsessed with the number on the scale. Even when people can straight up see that you’re smaller and have less body fat, they want to know “how much weight have you lost?!” The most frustrating thing that I have experienced in my quote unquote “weight loss journey” is that no one has […]