Build Your Boundaries

Girl, I get it.

Trust me.

You want to set boundaries, but when you do, it feels like no one respects them anyway.

You know that you deserve better, but the idea of asking for better makes your stomach turn.

You know that you shouldn’t feel so uncomfortable around that person, but you don’t know how to communicate that.

Just the idea of demanding respect causes you make pit stains in your favorite shirt.

When I say that I’ve been there, I mean that I was there for about 20 years. I dealt with constant disrespect from friends, family, and relationships.

The more disrespect I allowed, the worse it became. That’s how I found myself in my first physically abusive relationship. Because I couldn’t see the signs of disrespect because I thought that was normal.

I thought that’s how this whole “dating thing” worked.

But oh my gosh – I was dead wrong.

No one, and I mean no one, deserves to be treated with disrespect.

But… I didn’t know how to change it. I didn’t know how to break the pattern that I had found myself in. I didn’t know what to do.

I was scared to tell those close to me that I needed to be treated better, let alone demand that they do.

That is, I was scared until I found a system that worked.

I felt like I stumbled into a gold mine. It’s working?! They’re respecting me?! What?!

When I realized that it was working for me, I had to see if it worked for others.

I started sharing my system with friends and clients.

Huh, it works for them, too?! More women need this in their lives!

That’s where Build your Boundaries comes in.

Build your Boundaries is a class that gives you the entire system, start to finish.

In Build your Boundaries I teach you:

  • how to create boundaries that matter to you
  • how to not only set these boundaries but keep them
  • how to have difficult conversations with people about your boundaries
  • how to teach others how to respect you
  • aaaaand….

I am so extremely passionate about this because I struggled through it for FAR too long. Because of that, I know that there may be some questions.

That’s why I decided to bundle this course with a coaching session. Because this isn’t easy, and having someone to guide you through this is remarkably powerful.

After you go through the course, you’ll schedule a coaching call with me.

In this one hour session, we’ll go over any questions you have and how to apply it to your life.

After this session, you’ll be ready to take on the world and anyone who disrespects you.

Girl – I need you to hear this (read this?) loud and clear.

You deserve respect. It is your right.

It’s not something you have to ask permission for.

Disrespect is not something you should ever tolerate.

You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. Period. End of story.

This course was created for you, so don’t wait.

Click HERE to enroll and Build your Boundaries!

I can’t WAIT to see you grow.

Want the class but not ready for the coaching? I gotchu, boo. If one on one work isn’t something you’re prioritizing right now, then click here to grab the class!

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