Just Take Action

How many great ideas do you have? How many times have you said “Oh my goodness if I start now I’ll be done with it by X date?”

With that list building in your head – how often have you actually started?

This is where I usually hear crickets.

People have a whole lot of ideas and dreams. Very few people have actual goals that they’re hustling toward. Saying that you want to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things. There are probably a million different excuses that you’re giving yourself as to why you’re not starting, but most of them boil down to one thing: fear of failure.

You’re scared that you don’t know enough, that you’ll start ‘when you’re ready.’ Here’s a spoiler alert: you’ll never be ready.

The best phrase I ever heard, that pushed me to finally start my business and push me to my goals, is

Done is better than perfect.

I struggle with this a lot, because failure is something I’m genuinely afraid of. I used to cry myself to sleep at night worrying that I was going to screw something up or fall flat on my face. But let me take some pressure off of you – no one expects you to be perfect.

No one expects you to be perfect or have it all together. You’re going to mess up and make mistakes. You’re going to reach points where you don’t know how to do something. You’re forever going to be finding things you don’t know.

I’m a massive podcast junkie. It may sound cheesy, but now I live by them. The one that started it all for me is the Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher. She is now the CEO of a multi million dollar business. Multi freaking million. She must have all of the answers and probably had it together right at the starting line, right? Wrong.

She is the first to admit it’s a shorter list to share what she has done right than it would be if she shared what she did wrong. Jenna openly tells about what she wishes she would’ve done and mistakes that she’s made. She’s also the first to say that if she hadn’t made those mistakes, she wouldn’t have ever been able to make it to the level she’s at now.

It’s only through failure that you learn. Think about it: if everything went right the first time, you’d never grow. You’d never learn or get better.

I still struggle with this more often than not. So I totally understand how scary it can feel to start. But if you just accept the fact that you don’t need to be perfect – that you don’t want to be perfect – and begin where you are, you’ll learn as you go.

Done is better than perfect.

You’re also probably telling me, “Well that’s all fine and good, Karleigh. But I’m still researching. I’ll start when I feel ready.”

What’s the point of knowing a lot about something but not sharing what you know?

You could know more about something than anyone else in the entire world, but someone who knows a lot less but shares it will be successful while you’re still dreaming on the couch.

I’m not trying to make light of anything or make it seem easy. But I want you to realize how much easier the rest is going to feel once you start. Taking that first step in the beginning is often the hardest. But after that first step, you’ll realize you’re more capable than you thought you were. So you’ll take a deep breath and take the next one. Then repeat. You have so much potential, but it’s a total waste if you’re not doing anything with it.

If you struggle to maintain the confidence you need to take that action, check out my free Confidence Builders mini course. It’s totally free and will help you generate the confidence you need to move forward. Click here to hop in!

So here’s my challenge to you: take one step toward your dream. Figure out the one action you need to take to make it happen right now. Start the Instagram account, open a free WordPress account, grab a mentor to guide you. Whatever step that is, take it. Then go out there and take that action. You’re going to amaze yourself with what you can do.

Just start.

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