Are you Grateful for the People in your life?

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Week 3

Positive people

Even if you’re the most lone-wolf personality out there, you’ve had someone impact your life. It may not be someone you’ve met in real life, but they impacted your life.

A lot of people have positively impacted my life, most of which I’ve never met. Women like Jasmine Star, Allie Casazza, Patrice Washington. Men like Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, and Tony Overbay. (If you don’t know who any of these people are – look them up. They’re all amazing.)

Maybe someone who positively impacted your life was your grandma and how she showed you what love and compassion meant. It could be a teacher or a parent that left you with some wisdom. Maybe it’s a cousin, boss, friend.

Whoever they are, make note of them. Show gratitude for them.

That doesn’t mean you need to reach out to them all and say “I’m so grateful for you.” Although it certainly wouldn’t hurt – it always feels good to get those messages.

But take some time today and think about how they impacted you and be grateful for that. If you can, sit down and close your eyes. Allow scenes of your time together to play to your mind’s eye.

It doesn’t need to be something huge to show gratitude. Maybe someone in the grocery store told you they liked your shirt and it made your day. Show gratitude for that.

Negative people

Just as much as you’re grateful to the good people in your life, you also need to be grateful for the negative ones.

Here’s an important part of this to remember: the practice of gratitude isn’t for them, it’s for you.

Being grateful for the lessons they taught you doesn’t justify what they did or in any way make it ok. But what this does is one, helps your brain to not focus on the negative all the time, but it will also teach you how to look for lessons in crappy situations instead of playing the bad part on repeat in your brain.

That jerk of a guy that you were seeing for a year but couldn’t wrap his mind around ‘commitment’ taught you that you deserve more.

The awful teacher who said that horrible thing to you in school gave you the drive to prove them wrong.

The boss that treated you like garbage taught you that you won’t ever tolerate that treatment again and you learned to set boundaries.

I know this is easier said than done, but this is so powerful.


  • Who is someone I can be grateful for today?
  • When I was a kid, who left a positive impression on me?
  • How can I show gratitude to the people in my life who support me?
  • What is a lesson I’ve learned from someone being a jerk?
  • What did someone say to me that hurt in the moment but gave me the fire to keep going?

Showing gratitude to those in our lives is a powerful tool that will not only help you get closer to them, but will also help you grow personally. Showing gratitude to the jerks in our lives is a lot harder. That in and of itself is an understatement. But learning how to continually find gratitude even in the crappy moments will completely change how you see the world.

It affects how you respond, how your brain processes things, and how far you’ll go in life.

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