On the Days I don’t Feel Motivated

The days I don’t feel motivated are the hardest. If I’m being honest, those days happen a lot more often than I’d like to admit. But as much as they suck, these are also the days that build character and that discipline muscle.

Unfortunately most of us live very busy, crazy lives. We’re usually exhausted and mentally drained. It’s hard to want to get our butts to the gym or prep food like we know we should. Trust me – I totally understand that. But if we continue to use that as an excuse, we’ll continue to stay where we’re at.

There are some strategies that I have used to help keep my butt in gear, and I hope they can help you too.

Watch videos from my favorite fitness pros
Keeping the people that get me inspired at the top of my newsfeed help to keep me going. When I’m ready to be lazy for the day, I watch a youtube video or scroll the profiles of my faves. The information and tough love they share is enough to give me a kick in the pants to put on my shoes and get out the door.

Write down my goals
I absolutely love to write. Whatever I’m writing sticks in my brain better that way. I’ve got notebooks full of goals that I want to accomplish. I write down the same ones every time, but seeing them written down helps me to accept that they’re not a million years away. They’re ready for me to grab them when I go after them.

Set rewards for milestones reached
I plan to gift myself items ONLY when I reach milestones. I used to set them based on my weight goals, but now I’ve found that doesn’t do much but discourage me. So when I reach fitness goals, like running a shorter mile time, lifting a certain weight, hitting a certain number of days in the gym, completing a program, I reward myself. For example, when I complete my planned 4 week program, I’m going to go get my septum pierced. But only if I complete it in the time allotted. If I slack, I don’t get it. This helps to give you something to work towards.

Find an accountability partner/group
I don’t have one specific person I stay check in with, although that is the most helpful. I share my journey on Instagram. I have followers that call me out if I disappear and stop sharing progress. Even if I’m having a hard time, I share what’s going on. This helps to keep me motivated, and wonderful comments from my followers remind me that I’m not alone. I have regulars that I see at the gym that check on me and ask where I was if I don’t show up. They don’t let me fail, which is the kind of support that I need. There are so many places to find support – Facebook groups, Instagram, your local gym. Find something that pushes you when you don’t want to.

Develop the discipline to do it anyway
This is the hardest part to accept. Having big goals involves big work. You don’t get to tell your boss you don’t feel like coming in today. You have to have the same amount of discipline with your fitness goals. You have to know that you can’t allow yourself to have excuses. You have to be very clear on exactly what you want and what needs to be done to get there.

It isn’t possible to be motivated 100% of the time. Life happens. We get lazy. But we have to have strategies in place to keep us on the right track. We have to want it bad enough that we don’t let life stop us.

What are some things you do to stay motivated? Do you struggle with motivation? Comment below – let’s talk!

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