Are you ready to be a

Change not only your life, but your kids' lives and every generation after.

Cycle Breaker will
help you...


13 Page Workbook

This isn’t your boring high school workbook. Cycle Breaker is full of incredible, POWERFUL questions that push you to face the exact things you’re avoiding, aka exactly what’s holding you back.

8 short but powerful video lessons

Each section of Cycle Breaker includes a video module. I get that you don’t have a ton of time, so the longest one is 9 minutes long. You can easily fit it in during an afternoon nap or after bedtime.

You're not just doing this for you. You're doing this for your kids,
their kids, and their kids' kids. You're changing generations.

You're ready to finally create lasting change in your family

You can do it, Mama. You (and your kiddos) deserve it.

Cycle Breaker will give you the tools you need to end generational cycles of trauma and abuse.

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