You're tired of fighting your past.

You're tired of feeling like you're failing your kids.

You're tired of feeling like it's your fault.

You're ready for healing.

Mama Renewed

A 12-week one on one coaching program dedicated to helping you heal from the abuse you went through and become the mom you’ve always wanted to be.

Whether you got out 3 months ago or a decade ago, you deserve healing, recovery and freedom. I’m here to help you do that.

What's 'healing' anyway?

When you’ve experience abuse, your brain changes to adapt to it. Even after you get out of the abusive relationship, those changes stay with you.

It impacts the way you work, manage your home, take care of yourself and how you parent your kids.

You’re not a bad mom. You’re not broken and you’re not lazy. You’re human and struggling. And I can help you out of that struggle. 

Examples of how it's effecting you:

  • Constantly snapping at your kids and feeling guilt and shame after.
  • Pushing everyone, including your kids, away because you don’t know how to connect.
  • Feeling guilty because you don’t spend enough time with your kids.
  • Don’t take care of yourself because there’s just too much to do.
  • You cycle between being too permissive and too aggressive with your kids.
  •  And it goes on and on and on.

There's no way to go back to who you were before the abuse.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t live out the full, beautiful life you dream of. You deserve that. It IS possible. And I’m here to show you how💙.

What my students are saying...

Before [working with Karleigh], I was stuck. I had been on my healing journey on my own for awhile but never breaking through to the next level.

I not only have the tools in my arsenal now, but I also know I’m capable of applying them to my life. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I’m excited to know that I CAN get to the next level of healing and feeling whole again!

The fact that Karleigh took the time to make my experience personal made a big difference for me! It made me feel more valued as a client instead of trying to give everyone the same box of tools.


Before [working with Karleigh], I was desperate, confused and felt so ashamed of myself. My self esteem was so low that I felt like a complete failure and that everything that happened was my fault.

After going through WU, I’m confident, resourceful, and so excited to learn more about myself. There’s so much less shame - I found my light again!

The biggest thing I learned is that I can create my own life and decide EXACTLY the relationships I allow into it because I know what I deserve.

Karleigh’s personality and experience was so relatable. I finally feel connected in a community.


The results don't lie.

I used to believe that not only was everything my fault, but that my son would be better off if I wasn’t here. I felt completely trapped by the fear taking over my brain.

Now I finally have control over my life, my brain included. My triggers no longer run the show and I’m able to truly live without drowning in fear.

Life after Mama Renewed

  • You no longer snap at your kids for the smallest things
  • Your fear and anxiety will no longer run your life
  • You have a better relationship with your kids
  • You set and keep boundaries
  • You no longer feel the need to prove your worth
  • You know exactly who you are and what you want
  • You know that the cycle of abuse and trauma stops with you.

But how do we actually get results?

Through the Healing and Recovery framework

This is the framework has not only helped me to heal, but every woman I’ve worked with.


Becoming aware is the first step to healing. So often we don’t even realize just how much the abuse we went through is impacting our lives. Understanding the where and why is key to moving forward.

Process and Plan

Once you become aware, you need to process that information. Really uncovering the effects of abuse can be a lot and it’s not enough to go right from awareness to action. Your brain needs time and space to process and understand. Here is where we’ll take the time to process and then create a plan with that information.

Take Action

Nothing changes if nothing changes, so this is where action comes in. Now you have this plan, it’s time to act on it. But that doesn’t mean you act on this exact plan forever. It means you execute the plan with the understanding that things will shift and change because your life shifts and changes.
The action you take needs to apply to YOUR life and YOUR unique situation.

So... what is Mama Renewed exactly?

Over the course of 12 weeks we’ll have a call every other week. This gives you time to implement the framework above between each call. Below I break down what the focus will be each week as we continue our journey together.

Call 1 - Welcome

Before we meet, you’ll go through the Cycle Breaker course. This course will help you become the cycle breaker in YOUR family because the cycle of abuse and trauma ends with YOU.

This call will be doing an overview of what stood out to you, get to know each other, and make a plan for the next two weeks.

Call 2 - Process the Chaos

Here we’ll begin to face the chaos being thrown at your brain in a safe, loving way.

Right now your brain feels the tornado to Oz. This week is when we’ll tame that tornado into a much more manageable breeze.

Call 3 - Triggers

I know how much you beat yourself up for snapping at your kids. You’re not a bad mom, you’re just triggered.

This week we’ll work on finding your biggest triggers, managing them and creating a coping plan so you’ll feel in charge of your life instead of your life running you.

Call 4 - Boundaries

Boundaries can be hard and scary, so this week we’ll work through them together. I’ll break down my boundary framework and we’ll address any boundary issues.

You’ll learn how to set and keep boundaries with anyone, including your kids (and yourself).

Call 5 - Manage negative Thoughts

Your brain loves to tell you how much you’ve failed, how you’re a bad mom, and how if you just would’ve tried harder maybe things wouldn’t be as bad.

Unfortunately, these thoughts never really end. However, this week I’ll teach you how to take control of the volume and turn down the negative voices and turn up the positive ones.

Call 6 - Celebration!

YOU DID IT! You completed 12 weeks of Mama Renewed. This is cause for HUGE celebration! You deserve to celebrate yourself and this incredible achievement.

Amidst the party, we’ll also plan out what the future looks like. I’m not going to leave you hanging just because you’re done with the program. We’ll work together and make a plan for your biggest fears and worries moving forward so you can continue on your journey to healing and renewal.


Voxer Support ($1497)

With one call every two weeks, I’m going to make sure you’re supported between each of them. You have the ability to message me any time and I’ll get back to you within office hours each day.

You’ve been doing this journey alone long enough. Not anymore.

Cycle Breaker Course ($97)

This is powerful mini course is a complete guide to not only healing from the abuse you went through, but also how to stop the cycle from passing onto the next generation.

By becoming a Cycle Breaker, you’re ensuring that your kids won’t have to struggle the way you do. You’re also helping every generation after because you’ll have the skills you need to show up for your kids while taking care of yourself.

Cycle Breaker was created by a mom, for moms. The full workbook is only 13 pages and the video modules are less than 10 minutes.

Worthy of Recovery ($25)

Worthy of Recovery is a 30 day journal for survivors of abuse. Each day you’ll work on key metrics toward healing as well as answering powerful journal prompts to unlock your brain. And the best part? It takes less than 20 minutes a day.

Once you’ve registered, this will get shipped to your house and will arrive within a couple of weeks.

Total Value: $1619

You get them FREE when you register today!

I'm Karleigh, your tough-love abuse recovery coach

I’m a single mom who has not only survived several abusive relationships but also found out how to heal and end the cycle.

As a mom in recovery, I know what it’s like to experience the guilt and shame that feel SO heavy.

if you’re ready to let that go and finally become the mom you dream of being, I’m the coach to get you there.

Book a free call with me to see if Mama Renewed is a good fit for you.

You get all this:

Biweekly one-on-one coaching calls ($197 value per call)
Voxer support between calls ($1497 value)
Cycle Breaker Course ($97)
Worthy of Recovery journal ($25)

Total value: $2801

Your price today: $997

Three Options to get Started Today!

One payment of $997

Three payments of $335

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy?

Nope, absolutely not. It’s not a replacement for therapy, either. As your coach I can’t diagnose or treat trauma or mental illness. But I can help you manage it.

I'm busy - how can I make this work?

As a busy single mom, I totally get it. We only meet every other week for the 12 weeks. So you’ll only need to make time for the calls twice a month. In each call I’ll help you make a plan to get homework done in a way that relieves stress, not adds to it.

Who is this program for?

Mama Renewed is for any mama who has experienced an abusive relationship and is tired of feeling the weight of it. This is not for mamas currently in crisis. If you’re in an abusive relationship right now, please reach out to and they will help with resources.

Will this actually help me?

Absolutely. If you commit to yourself, your healing, and changing your life, I’ll show up for you 110%. This program will be unique to you and your circumstances so you’ll know how to apply what you learn right away.

You can read the books and watch the videos all day long, but until you decide to take action, nothing will change.

This is so much more easier said than done, but that's why I'm here to help.

You're ready to let go of the guilt and shame.

You're ready to no longer feel like a failure.

You're ready to give up the fight against your own brain.

You're ready for healing.

You're ready for renewal.

You're ready for Mama Renewed.

I can't wait to work with you.

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