#50: Demanding Respect is your Right

I’m going to blow your mind with something pretty intense. Are you ready? You don’t need to ask permission in order to demand respect. You don’t need to tolerate people who don’t respect you. Demanding respect is your right. Does that make you as uncomfortable as it once made me? Trust me, I get it.Continue reading “#50: Demanding Respect is your Right”

Episode 28: Instantly Boost your Confidence with this ONE trick!

Today’s episode is really special to me because I truly believe this is one of the most overlooked ways to grow your confidence. Obviously, this is the Confidence from the Ground Up Podcast. Here is where I teach you how to improve the skill of confidence and step into your best self. But so oftenContinue reading “Episode 28: Instantly Boost your Confidence with this ONE trick!”

Self-Talk: 3 Tips to Make it Work for You

Something I am completely obsessed with is self-talk. I talk about it all the time everywhere I go. Why? Because it has such an incredible ability to completely turn your life around in ways that you wouldn’t even expect! Getting my self-talk right was the first thing I did that I committed to when itContinue reading “Self-Talk: 3 Tips to Make it Work for You”