Remaining Too Comfortable in the Broken

There are so many people in the world perfectly comfortable in their unhappy lives. That’s a rather harsh statement, but it’s true. Because I used to be one of them. Why do people stay in toxic relationships? Why do people stay overweight and unhealthy? Why do people stay in jobs they hate? Because unhappy isContinue reading “Remaining Too Comfortable in the Broken”

Motivation vs. Discipline

Motivation is what gets you started, discipline is what keeps you going. We’ve all heard this popular quote, right? It’s quite catchy and seems like the honorable thing to say. But how many of us actually apply it to our lives? I didn’t fully understand this concept until several months ago, actually. It was somethingContinue reading “Motivation vs. Discipline”

The Importance of Personal Development

I always hated the idea of personal development. I honestly would roll my eyes every single time I heard it. It was all this hippy dippy bologna (thank you, Lego movie) that I absolutely couldn’t stand and avoided it for years. It wasn’t until I started my make up business a year and a halfContinue reading “The Importance of Personal Development”

I Posted a Picture of Myself in a Crop Top on Instagram – Here’s what happened.

In the creation of this blog, I knew I was going to need some pictures that weren’t the typical selfies. So I set up a little photoshoot spot for myself and got to work. I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun in front of the camera as I did. I was even more surprisedContinue reading “I Posted a Picture of Myself in a Crop Top on Instagram – Here’s what happened.”