Ask for Help

I don’t need help. How many times have you said that to yourself, only to regret it later? How many times have you said that because you think you should know what to do but you you’re upset that you don’t? I’ve been there. Because I knew so much about nutrition, I told myself thatContinue reading “Ask for Help”

So What is a Confidence Coach, Anyway?

When you hear the term Confidence Coach, what comes to mind? As I was beginning to share what it is I do, why I’m passionate about it, and my goals, I realized there was quite a bit of confusion. I decided it was time to fix that. In a nutshell, I help women learn howContinue reading “So What is a Confidence Coach, Anyway?”

Stop Flawing Yourself Out of Success

Have you ever said you wanted to achieve something only to have all of the negative voices in your head start listing off the million reasons why you can’t? Then you convince yourself that while it would be cool, you’re just not qualified. I mean, come on, what if you fail? What if you don’tContinue reading “Stop Flawing Yourself Out of Success”

Limiting Beliefs: What they are and how to destroy them

I have become very passionate about personal development in the last year. I never used to be – I honestly disliked it. I thought it was, in the words of Lord Business, hippie dippie bologna. But when a business partner pushed me to start, I quickly became obsessed. I’ve read the books, invested in courses,Continue reading “Limiting Beliefs: What they are and how to destroy them”

How to Become the Person You Need

People always tell me that they wish they could have the confidence I have to rock my blue hair. They tell me they’d love to have some bright color, but that it just “isn’t them” or that they just couldn’t do it. It’s something that, while it seems so simple, is something that is nearContinue reading “How to Become the Person You Need”

How to Finally Set Goals that Stick

Y’all see it all of the time, especially at this time of year. Everyone is ‘setting goals’ that they’re going to magically follow through with on the first of the year. But really, are they real goals? Or are they just things that sound nice? Goal setting is one of the most important aspects ofContinue reading “How to Finally Set Goals that Stick”

Building the Confidence Muscle

Do you know how a muscle gets stronger? You work it in the gym. By lifting weights you break the muscle down and cause the fibers to tear. It is sore for a few days. But you make sure you give your body the proper fuel. As it heals, it comes back stronger. This isContinue reading “Building the Confidence Muscle”

Confronting Self Sabotage

I want to address something that isn’t brought up nearly enough. What is keeping you from getting healthy? I don’t mean things like “I don’t have time.” That’s an excuse, not the reason why. I’m talking the dig deep personal reasons that you are sabotaging every attempt you make at changing your life for theContinue reading “Confronting Self Sabotage”

Can’t Vs. Won’t

How to finally push past the excuses and reach your goals This is a topic I am extremely passionate about. It has become one of my biggest pet peeves, yet it is something I still find myself getting stuck in. I shared a video on this topic on my Instagram page, but I felt itContinue reading “Can’t Vs. Won’t”

Remaining Too Comfortable in the Broken

There are so many people in the world perfectly comfortable in their unhappy lives. That’s a rather harsh statement, but it’s true. Because I used to be one of them. Why do people stay in toxic relationships? Why do people stay overweight and unhealthy? Why do people stay in jobs they hate? Because unhappy isContinue reading “Remaining Too Comfortable in the Broken”