#47: Why Body Love is Important

How do you see yourself? I’m realizing that this has become a hot topic on social media. And while I’m really happy about that, it’s something that ultimately needs to come from ourselves. I’m really glad to see celebrities, influencers, and people just deciding to be real about their bodies and not be the photoshoppedContinue reading “#47: Why Body Love is Important”

#43: Chasing the Coveted Apology

How many of you have waited for the apology?How many of you want that apology? That apology that you want so bad, the apology that you deserve. The apology that is should be given to you. That apology that is rightfully yours but has absolutely no impact on your healing journey at all. Waiting forContinue reading “#43: Chasing the Coveted Apology”

#42: Change your Life by Doing THIS

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream? When was the last time you did something just because you enjoyed it? Something that lights me up is fitness and nutrition. I love to cook healthy food, meal prep, go hard in the gym. I have dreams of being a bodybuilder and I wantContinue reading “#42: Change your Life by Doing THIS”

#41: Accept Responsibility for your Healing

Have you accepted responsibility for your healing? I realize that this is a touchy subject. A common misconception about accepting responsibility for your healing journey and for your growth is that you’re actually somehow justifying the abuse that you went through. It feels like you’re saying that what happened was okay. While it may feelContinue reading “#41: Accept Responsibility for your Healing”

#38: Community is CRUCIAL!

Community is such a vital part to our humanity. When it comes to abuse recovery, community is a requirement. Having a solid community can mean the difference between you going back to where you were and propelling yourself forward to your best life. That doesn’t mean that you’re too weak to do this on yourContinue reading “#38: Community is CRUCIAL!”

Episode 36: Physical Abuse is Not The Only Kind of Abuse

Physical abuse is not the only kind of abuse. So often women think that because he didn’t hit her, that he’s not abusive. Here I’m going to break down some different types of abuse so you can see that just because it isn’t physical, it’s still abuse. I do want to share a trigger warningContinue reading “Episode 36: Physical Abuse is Not The Only Kind of Abuse”