Episode 21: All About Boundaries Part 2

Personal boundaries are about self trust and self respect. When you can trust yourself to follow through on what you say you’re going to do, you build respect for yourself. Following through includes sticking to boundaries that you have set.  Since we talked about boundaries with ourselves in the last episode, this episode we’re goingContinue reading “Episode 21: All About Boundaries Part 2”

Episode 20: Let’s Talk Boundaries

When someone says the word “boundaries,” what comes to mind? When I was younger, it would cause an initial stubborn “well duh I have boundaries.” But deep down in my being I knew that they were like the straw house. As soon as the big bad wolf showed up, down they went. I was tooContinue reading “Episode 20: Let’s Talk Boundaries”

Episode 19: How the G Word can Change your Life

What are you grateful for? Beyond the roof over your head, the food in your belly, and your family, what are you grateful for? If this question is difficult for you, you’re not alone. So many people struggle to see the good things in life, and unfortunately it’s biological. Our brains are geared to findingContinue reading “Episode 19: How the G Word can Change your Life”

Episode 18: What are you consuming?

What are you allowing to fill you? What are you consuming on a regular basis? These questions are a lot more important than we think. We have become so desensitized to what we’re given on a regular basis that we don’t even realize how harmful it is to us and our wellbeing. If you’ve listenedContinue reading “Episode 18: What are you consuming?”

Episode 17: Do you receive compliments?

When someone compliments you, what’s your initial reaction? How do you respond? What is your physical reaction to receiving a compliment? I ask this because how you receive compliments is a direct correlation with how you feel about yourself, about your personal self worth. How you receive compliments gives your brain crucial information when itContinue reading “Episode 17: Do you receive compliments?”

Episode 16: Do you believe you’re Deserving?

Have you ever thought about how you’re allowed to feel? What about what you deserve to feel? I feel like we’ve gotten so desensitized to what that even means. We say we deserve better – yet we stay in the crappy situations. Whether it’s an abusive relationship, a so so relationship, a job we don’tContinue reading “Episode 16: Do you believe you’re Deserving?”

Episode 15: 3 Steps to Up your Confidence on any Date

So I want to know – how’s your dating life? Whether you’re married, single, in a relationship, how are the dates going? Are they happening? Are they non existent? Are they comfortable? Do you dread them? If you are in a relationship, do you push your partner away or pull them close? When you struggleContinue reading “Episode 15: 3 Steps to Up your Confidence on any Date”

Episode 14: Is your body image affecting your friendships?

Last week I discussed body image and how to end the war on your body. If you haven’t listened to that yet, hit pause and go back and listen to it. It was really good and super informative. Today I’m going to talk about body image and friendships. Most of us don’t realize how ourContinue reading “Episode 14: Is your body image affecting your friendships?”

Episode 13: Your Body is MAGIC

Isn’t your body amazing? Think about all of the amazing things your body does for you. It wakes up every morning. It’s breathing right now. It’s allowing you to listen to this. Your brain is still helping your body function. If you’re a momma with a biological child – boo, that body created LIFE. IfContinue reading “Episode 13: Your Body is MAGIC”

Episode 12: Who are you allowing to speak into you?

Who have you allowed to speak over you? And what have they spoken over you? Have they spoken life into you? Have they spoken negativity into you? How did it make you feel? This may seem dramatic, but this question is incredibly important. When children are spoken to, they don’t have a way of filteringContinue reading “Episode 12: Who are you allowing to speak into you?”