66: Stop Flawing Yourself out of Success

Have you ever said you want to achieve something only to have all the negative voices in your head start listing off the millions of reasons why you just can’t do it? Then you convince yourself that well, it would be cool, you’re just not qualified.I mean, come on. What if you fail? What ifContinue reading “66: Stop Flawing Yourself out of Success”

65: Stop Limiting Yourself

You’re holding yourself back. I know that seems like a harsh way to start a post, but this is important. If you’re in the personal development world, you’ve already heard about limiting beliefs. If you’ve heard of it, you either rolled your eyes or sighed, both of which are signs that you already know what’sContinue reading “65: Stop Limiting Yourself”

64: Recognize your Worth

You deserve healing. Not only do you deserve it, you’re worthy of it. Take a second and say that out loud, “I deserve healing. I’m worthy of healing.” If it feels physically uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Every client, every follower, every person I’ve come into contact with, myself included, didn’t even want to say itContinue reading “64: Recognize your Worth”

#60: You Are THE gift!

Going into this holiday season, I want to remind you of something. We are surrounded by gifts. Giving gifts, getting gifts, pictures of gifts, fake gifts to put up for decor, gifts are everywhere. And then everyone’s talking about, “oh, this is your gift,” and “you need to lean into that gift.” “You’re such aContinue reading “#60: You Are THE gift!”

#59: 3 Ways to Love your Body this Holiday Season

The holidays are one of the hardest times of the year for most people. But this is especially so when it comes to body image. This can be really difficult for people of any size who have ever dealt with disordered eating. There’s an overabundance of food, super obnoxious family. I don’t know if it’sContinue reading “#59: 3 Ways to Love your Body this Holiday Season”

#58: Survive the Holidays

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. My birthday is in May and I would happily trade it for another Christmas. I’m a total Christmas geek. But as much as I love the holiday season, I know that this is one of the hardest times of the year. It’s crazy rushing around trying to get ChristmasContinue reading “#58: Survive the Holidays”

#57: The Cycle of Abuse

A question that I’ve received a lot pertains to how abuse continues to perpetuate in relationships when we know they’re bad. This was a question I asked myself for a long time. From the time I was 12-23, I was in a horrid cycle of abusive relationships. I didn’t understand why every relationship was aContinue reading “#57: The Cycle of Abuse”