Episode 9: The F Word

Today we’re going to talk about the F word. But before that, I need to set the stage. It’s time to let it go. Whatever it is that you’re holding on to, it’s time to let it go. When I said that, I’m sure something popped in the front of your brain. That thing isContinue reading “Episode 9: The F Word”

Episode 8: Not doing THIS is hurting you

Have you ever been too stubborn to ask for help, only to regret it later? Do you have the mindset of ‘I’d rather fail on my own than to admit that I need help’? Oooooh girl I get it. I get it and I’m embarrassed to admit I needed that lesson taught to me moreContinue reading “Episode 8: Not doing THIS is hurting you”

Bonus Episode: Birthdays, Goals, and Going after your Dreams

It’s my birthday! I’m 27 years old! When I was 17, I got into my first abusive relationship. I’m now 27. So this is pretty monumental for me. Plus, I’m only 3 years away from being 30. Many people I know don’t like the thought of aging. But man, I’m so excited to be 30.Continue reading “Bonus Episode: Birthdays, Goals, and Going after your Dreams”

Episode 7: The Little Victories

Have you ever reached a milestone but it didn’t feel as good as you thought it would? Have you felt like you’ve been working so hard but end the day with no real feeling of actually accomplishing anything? So often we become so obsessed with continually moving forward that we don’t allow ourselves to actuallyContinue reading “Episode 7: The Little Victories”

Episode 6: Quit Shoulding All Over Yourself

I talk to my best friend every day, we recently decided to get on a daily schedule where we do check in calls every night. I noticed the word “should” coming up a lot from both of us. I should feel this way. I shouldn’t feel that way. I should have done this. I shouldContinue reading “Episode 6: Quit Shoulding All Over Yourself”

Episode 5: Power in your Presence

Last week, I almost got into a car accident. I work for grubhub and an order was late. The previous driver was unable to finish the order and it made the food about a half hour late I pride myself on customer service and even though the customer was understanding, it affected me. I gotContinue reading “Episode 5: Power in your Presence”

Episode 4: The Power of Self Talk Part 2

In part one, we discussed what confidence is and how to start cultivating that skill. So there’s a lot of really good juicy stuff in there. So do not skip it, go back and listen to part one. If you haven’t already, last week, we discussed that confidence is believing in your ability to figureContinue reading “Episode 4: The Power of Self Talk Part 2”

Episode 2: What Confidence is and how does it impact your life?

Hey all of my beautiful babes! Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Confidence from the Ground Up Podcast. I’m your host, Karleigh Saunders. I’m a Confidence Coach and obsessed with all things self love, confidence building, and personal growth. Before we get started, I’ve got a question for you. What does confidenceContinue reading “Episode 2: What Confidence is and how does it impact your life?”

Episode 3: The Power of Self Talk Part 1

Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of the Confidence from the Ground Up podcast. Today I’m going to be talking about my absolute favorite topic. I talk about it all the time, as often as I can, because I fully believe that it has the potential to change our lives if we allow it. It’sContinue reading “Episode 3: The Power of Self Talk Part 1”

Episode 1: Who I am and What I Do

Oh my goodness, y’all! I’m so excited right now you have no idea. This is my very first podcast and I am so nervous yet absolutely pumped. My name is Karleigh Saunders, I’m 26 years old, and I’m a single mom to an almost 6 year old little boy named Axel. We live in theContinue reading “Episode 1: Who I am and What I Do”