Episode 47: Why Body Love is Important

How do you see yourself? I’m realizing that this has become a hot topic on social media. And while I’m really happy about that, it’s something that ultimately needs to come from ourselves. I’m really glad to see celebrities, influencers, and people just deciding to be real about their bodies and not be the photoshoppedContinue reading “Episode 47: Why Body Love is Important”

Episode 46: Do You Really Want to Heal

Today what I’m gonna be talking about today on the podcast, is the truth behind healing. And whether or not you really want it. A lot of the time people talk about how much they want something, but they don’t put any effort into actually making it happen. Which means that they don’t want itContinue reading “Episode 46: Do You Really Want to Heal”

Episode 45: How to Manage Triggers

So what we’re gonna be talking about today is triggers. We’re going to talk about what triggers are, how, what causes them, how to cope, and also how to find healing. Because for me, I don’t just want to teach you how to cope, I don’t want to teach you just how to get by.Continue reading “Episode 45: How to Manage Triggers”

Episode 44: This Concept Changed my Life

Today’s episode is another episode from a live that I did. This is actually going to be about something that I personally feel like is not talked about enough. And it’s the fact that it’s okay to not want to heal. It is okay to not be ready to heal. And in this episode, IContinue reading “Episode 44: This Concept Changed my Life”

Episode 43: Chasing the Coveted Apology

How many of you have waited for the apology? That How many of you want that apology? Let’s start there. Who wants to hear the I’m sorry. I’m raising my hand. I am raising I want the “I’m sorry.” I want several. I crave the “I’m sorry”. So when I talk about what I’m talkingContinue reading “Episode 43: Chasing the Coveted Apology”

Episode 42: Change your Life by Doing THIS

Today, I want to talk about something that I feel like is not talked about enough. So something that really really lights me up is fitness. I absolutely love fitness and nutrition. I geek out on it so hard. I love to cook healthy food, I love to meal prep, like honestly, it makes meContinue reading “Episode 42: Change your Life by Doing THIS”

Episode 41: Accept Responsibility for your Healing

This is a live that I did on Instagram and Facebook that was really good. What I talked about is accepting responsibility for your healing, and how in doing so your life will change. And it is not justification for what happened to you. This episode is one of the most important episodes I’ve everContinue reading “Episode 41: Accept Responsibility for your Healing”

Episode 38: Community is CRUCIAL!

Hello, my love and welcome to another episode of the confidence in the ground up podcast. I’m your host Karleigh Saunders and I am your confidence coach. I am obsessed with All Things personal growth, personal development and helping you realize your self worth. As you guys also know or this is your first timeContinue reading “Episode 38: Community is CRUCIAL!”

Episode 37: My Top Tips for Recovery

As you guys know over the last couple weeks. I shared a few that I’m not only a confidence coach but I am also going to abuse recovery coach. I help women recover from abusive relationships. So that way they can live the life they are not only capable of living but that they deserveContinue reading “Episode 37: My Top Tips for Recovery”

Episode 36: Physical Abuse is Not The Only Kind of Abuse

Physical abuse is not the only kind of abuse. So often women think that because he didn’t hit her, that he’s not abusive. Here I’m going to break down some different types of abuse so you can see that just because it isn’t physical, it’s still abuse. I do want to share a trigger warningContinue reading “Episode 36: Physical Abuse is Not The Only Kind of Abuse”