Confidence Building Habits

Confidence can feel overwhelming when you don’t know how to harness it. We see these people that just seem so unstoppable and think that they were born that way. They may have had a different upbringing so confidence was cultivated in them earlier in life, but confidence isn’t genetic. Confidence is a skill to beContinue reading “Confidence Building Habits”

Mom Guilt and Confidence

Ok momma, I’ve got a question for you: how are you feeling about you? How’s your confidence level? If you’re anything like me, when you read that you probably rolled your eyes.Who has time to think about confidence, let alone actually feel it?! Trust me, I feel you. But what I didn’t realize is thatContinue reading “Mom Guilt and Confidence”

My Top 3 Tips for Abuse Recovery

As a coach that specializes in abusive relationship recovery, one of the messages I get most frequently is one asking a version of the question “Where do I start?!” I totally understand this initial panic of wanting to heal but honestly not knowing what to do to start the process. This is where I flounderedContinue reading “My Top 3 Tips for Abuse Recovery”

From Victim to Survivor to learning how to LIVE

My Abuse Recovery Story Since starting my journey to healing, I realized that I haven’t actually shared my whole story. There were parts that I unintentionally left out, parts that I had forgotten about, parts that were playing a major role in my life today. So I decided it was time to share my story.Continue reading “From Victim to Survivor to learning how to LIVE”

Books that Changed my Life

It’s crazy to look back and realize that a book literally changed my life. I’m a pretty big reader anyway – I usually burn through 2-3 books a week. So while yes, I do read a lot, it also means that the ones that stand out are extra special. I realized I kept telling peopleContinue reading “Books that Changed my Life”

Are You Sure You Can’t?

It’s something I hear all of the time. Heck, it’s something that I used to get caught up in all of the time. And it’s the concept of “I can’t.” People love to talk about what they ‘can’t’ do. They can’t run a marathon, they can’t ask for a raise, they can’t start the business,Continue reading “Are You Sure You Can’t?”

3 Things I’ve Learned in Quarantine

The last several weeks have been the craziest turn of events. We are currently in the midst of the Corona pandemic and our lives have been turned upside down. The craziest aspect of it is that the world is upside down. Not just me and my family, not just my family, but the world. We’reContinue reading “3 Things I’ve Learned in Quarantine”