Are you taking it for granted? Or are you grateful?

30 Days of Gratitude Week 4 When was the last time you showed gratitude for the actual things surrounding you? And I don’t just mean “a roof over my head.” I want you to truly take a step back and think about what you use, what you’re surrounded by. When you do this, you’re teachingContinue reading “Are you taking it for granted? Or are you grateful?”

Are you Grateful for the People in your life?

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Week 3 Positive people Even if you’re the most lone-wolf personality out there, you’ve had someone impact your life. It may not be someone you’ve met in real life, but they impacted your life. A lot of people have positively impacted my life, most of which I’ve never met. WomenContinue reading “Are you Grateful for the People in your life?”

3 Ways to Appreciate the Journey

When you’re committed to grow, when you’re committed to better your life, it’s far too easy to forget just how far you’ve come. I’m guilty of this myself. I beat up on myself a lot because I’m not where I want to be while completely ignoring that I’m a completely different person than I wasContinue reading “3 Ways to Appreciate the Journey”

How to be Grateful for the Negative

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge – Week 2 Gratitude in and of itself is a skill you have to master. Learning to find gratitude in the experiences that weren’t so great in life – that’s a whole different beast. Before you decide to close your computer or drop your phone, I challenge you to readContinue reading “How to be Grateful for the Negative”

3 Steps to Showing Gratitude for YOU!

Gratitude Challenge Week 1 Have you taken time to celebrate yourself? Chances are you haven’t at all, except for maybe on your birthday. Welcome to the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. If you haven’t read the first post, click here to get the details on why this is so important. Today’s topic is going toContinue reading “3 Steps to Showing Gratitude for YOU!”

The Power of Journaling

I am obsessed with journaling. Straight up obsessed. I love beautiful notebooks, colorful pens, stickers and the feeling of the pencil gliding across the paper. That’s why I started journaling in the first place, to be honest. I needed a reason to justify my obsession with buying beautiful office supplies. But I quickly fell inContinue reading “The Power of Journaling”

Awareness is your Superpower

What a lot of people don’t realize is that they’re trying to treat a symptom of the problem without getting to the actual problem. What the heck does that even mean? If you go to the doctor because your leg hurts and all he does is give you pain medication without figuring out why itContinue reading “Awareness is your Superpower”

Progress is Progress, No Matter How Small

“Karleigh, I don’t understand why this is such an issue. Shouldn’t I be over this by now?” I hear this over and over again from my clients. Recovery is a tricky thing. We get frustrated for not going fast enough, yet we’re resistant to growth. This isn’t judgement – I’ve been there, too. But youContinue reading “Progress is Progress, No Matter How Small”