Hoovering? What’s that?

Hoovering? Isn’t that a vacuum cleaner? I’m not gonna lie, that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard the term hoovering. But as I dug deeper, I found out that it’s something I experienced over and over again. Hoovering is what your abuser will do after you leave the relationship to try toContinue reading “Hoovering? What’s that?”

Can you Gaslight Yourself?

Gaslighting is quite the buzzword these days, and frankly I’m happy about it. I’m so glad that it’s being brought to light. The more we talk about these awful abusive tactics, the more victims realize that they’re not crazy and they’re not alone. However, something not talked about enough is self-gaslighting. I realized this wasContinue reading “Can you Gaslight Yourself?”

What is Gaslighting, Anyway?

The term “gaslighting” seems to be everywhere nowadays and for good reason. I’m so happy that it’s becoming a more popularized term because the more we call it out, the more comfortable victims feel speaking up. Which helps others that don’t even realize they’re victims recognize it. I’ve received a lot of messages lately askingContinue reading “What is Gaslighting, Anyway?”

What I’ve Learned being Single

I’ve been single for over three years now. For the first two, it was really hard. I hadn’t worked on myself at all and was continually looking for outside validation to feel good about myself. But really, I didn’t feel good at all. About a year ago I made the decision that I was goingContinue reading “What I’ve Learned being Single”

Recovery and being a Mom

You wake up and you don’t even know where to start. You hear your kids downstairs yelling and fighting over breakfast. You need to get up and start the day but you’re exhausted, you feel lost. Every time you close your eyes you’re haunted by the abuse you endured, but you feel selfish even thinkingContinue reading “Recovery and being a Mom”

Girl, have you taken a break lately?

If you’re anything like me, “rest” isn’t a word you’re particularly fond of. Not that it doesn’t sound nice to sleep, but you feel like you have too much to do to stop. You’re worried that if you stop to rest, you won’t come back to it. Or even worse, you’ll lose the progress thatContinue reading “Girl, have you taken a break lately?”

Have you brushed your teeth today?

the importance of taking care of yourself As a dead serious question, have you brushed your teeth today? So often for those of us that have experienced trauma, abuse included, it can be difficult to find the energy to take care of ourselves. Personally, I can go WAY too long before realizing it’s been daysContinue reading “Have you brushed your teeth today?”

Teach People How to Treat You

The thing that I had the most trouble accepting was the fact that I was teaching people around me to treat me. When people disrespected me and I allowed it, I was telling them that it was ok. When people pushed past my boundaries and I didn’t stop them, I was teaching them that anyContinue reading “Teach People How to Treat You”

Celebrate your Victories!

How often do you celebrate yourself? When I ask this question, I usually get a confused face, a scoff, and a “uhh, on my birthday?” What so many women don’t realize is that by not celebrating themselves, they’re not only harming their brain, they’re actually taking away from their self worth. Especially when it comesContinue reading “Celebrate your Victories!”