Girl, have you taken a break lately?

If you’re anything like me, “rest” isn’t a word you’re particularly fond of. Not that it doesn’t sound nice to sleep, but you feel like you have too much to do to stop. You’re worried that if you stop to rest, you won’t come back to it. Or even worse, you’ll lose the progress thatContinue reading “Girl, have you taken a break lately?”

Have you brushed your teeth today?

the importance of taking care of yourself As a dead serious question, have you brushed your teeth today? So often for those of us that have experienced trauma, abuse included, it can be difficult to find the energy to take care of ourselves. Personally, I can go WAY too long before realizing it’s been daysContinue reading “Have you brushed your teeth today?”

Teach People How to Treat You

The thing that I had the most trouble accepting was the fact that I was teaching people around me to treat me. When people disrespected me and I allowed it, I was telling them that it was ok. When people pushed past my boundaries and I didn’t stop them, I was teaching them that anyContinue reading “Teach People How to Treat You”

Celebrate your Victories!

How often do you celebrate yourself? When I ask this question, I usually get a confused face, a scoff, and a “uhh, on my birthday?” What so many women don’t realize is that by not celebrating themselves, they’re not only harming their brain, they’re actually taking away from their self worth. Especially when it comesContinue reading “Celebrate your Victories!”

Progress is Progress, No Matter How Small

“Karleigh, I don’t understand why this is such an issue. Shouldn’t I be over this by now?” I hear this over and over again from my clients. Recovery is a tricky thing. We get frustrated for not going fast enough, yet we’re resistant to growth. This isn’t judgement – I’ve been there, too. But youContinue reading “Progress is Progress, No Matter How Small”

3 Tips to Dating After Abuse

I get asked all of the time how I handle dating after abuse recovery. I always laugh to myself when hearing this because my dating life is so chaotic. From dating way too soon after getting out of an abusive relationship, to finding myself falling into another one, all the way to recognizing the signsContinue reading “3 Tips to Dating After Abuse”

Episode 38: Community is CRUCIAL!

Hello, my love and welcome to another episode of the confidence in the ground up podcast. I’m your host Karleigh Saunders and I am your confidence coach. I am obsessed with All Things personal growth, personal development and helping you realize your self worth. As you guys also know or this is your first timeContinue reading “Episode 38: Community is CRUCIAL!”

Struggle with your body? You’re not alone.

Something not talked about enough is how abuse affects not only your body image, but how you feel inside of your body. Body dysmorphia and self hatred goes SO deep. And one doesn’t have to experience abuse for these things to happen. But abuse will exacerbate and even facilitate the type of environment for theseContinue reading “Struggle with your body? You’re not alone.”

Episode 37: My Top Tips for Recovery

As you guys know over the last couple weeks. I shared a few that I’m not only a confidence coach but I am also going to abuse recovery coach. I help women recover from abusive relationships. So that way they can live the life they are not only capable of living but that they deserveContinue reading “Episode 37: My Top Tips for Recovery”