Are you taking it for granted? Or are you grateful?

30 Days of Gratitude Week 4 When was the last time you showed gratitude for the actual things surrounding you? And I don’t just mean “a roof over my head.” I want you to truly take a step back and think about what you use, what you’re surrounded by. When you do this, you’re teachingContinue reading “Are you taking it for granted? Or are you grateful?”

What’s Reactive Abuse?

There are many different forms of abuse, but reactive abuse is one of the least talked about. This manipulation tactic makes you question your own sanity and you lose trust in yourself. It also takes away any sense of independence that you have. Today I’m going to share with you what reactive abuse is, howContinue reading “What’s Reactive Abuse?”

#60: You Are THE gift!

Going into this holiday season, I want to remind you of something. We are surrounded by gifts. Giving gifts, getting gifts, pictures of gifts, fake gifts to put up for decor, gifts are everywhere. And then everyone’s talking about, “oh, this is your gift,” and “you need to lean into that gift.” “You’re such aContinue reading “#60: You Are THE gift!”

Are you Grateful for the People in your life?

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Week 3 Positive people Even if you’re the most lone-wolf personality out there, you’ve had someone impact your life. It may not be someone you’ve met in real life, but they impacted your life. A lot of people have positively impacted my life, most of which I’ve never met. WomenContinue reading “Are you Grateful for the People in your life?”

#59: 3 Ways to Love your Body this Holiday Season

The holidays are one of the hardest times of the year for most people. But this is especially so when it comes to body image. This can be really difficult for people of any size who have ever dealt with disordered eating. There’s an overabundance of food, super obnoxious family. I don’t know if it’sContinue reading “#59: 3 Ways to Love your Body this Holiday Season”

3 Ways to Appreciate the Journey

When you’re committed to grow, when you’re committed to better your life, it’s far too easy to forget just how far you’ve come. I’m guilty of this myself. I beat up on myself a lot because I’m not where I want to be while completely ignoring that I’m a completely different person than I wasContinue reading “3 Ways to Appreciate the Journey”

#58: Survive the Holidays

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. My birthday is in May and I would happily trade it for another Christmas. I’m a total Christmas geek. But as much as I love the holiday season, I know that this is one of the hardest times of the year. It’s crazy rushing around trying to get ChristmasContinue reading “#58: Survive the Holidays”

How to be Grateful for the Negative

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge – Week 2 Gratitude in and of itself is a skill you have to master. Learning to find gratitude in the experiences that weren’t so great in life – that’s a whole different beast. Before you decide to close your computer or drop your phone, I challenge you to readContinue reading “How to be Grateful for the Negative”

#57: The Cycle of Abuse

A question that I’ve received a lot pertains to how abuse continues to perpetuate in relationships when we know they’re bad. This was a question I asked myself for a long time. From the time I was 12-23, I was in a horrid cycle of abusive relationships. I didn’t understand why every relationship was aContinue reading “#57: The Cycle of Abuse”