99: Triggered – Dating while in Abuse Recovery

This episode is going to be a bit different than ones I’ve done in the past. I recently went out on a date and it definitely didn’t go as well as I had thought it would. I’m going to be getting very real and raw and definitely want to give you a trigger warning. NothingContinue reading “99: Triggered – Dating while in Abuse Recovery”

97: Two Keys to Solid Boundaries

How do I set solid boundaries? This question comes up everywhere, be it on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. I’m noticing that the issue of boundaries is becoming more and more prevalent. So what I’m going to be sharing today is a clip from a masterclass that I created a while ago called Build your Boundaries. TheContinue reading “97: Two Keys to Solid Boundaries”

93: Where do I start?

A question I get all the time is “Ok Karleigh, I’m in. I’m ready. I want to heal and I’m ready to move forward. But… what’s the first step?” So what are the first steps? There are so many books, podcasts, journals, blog posts. There’s so much information it causes analysis paralysis. When you knowContinue reading “93: Where do I start?”

89: Their Trauma Ain’t Your Job

As survivors, we tend to give excuses. This isn’t out of anything other than having huge hearts and a longing for love. We understand what we’ve been through and how we feel and we don’t want others feeling this way. Because of that, we’ll be more understanding than we should. “He’s been through a lot,Continue reading “89: Their Trauma Ain’t Your Job”

86: How do you communicate?

Do you know your communication style? I know that may seem odd, but think about it for a minute. I didn’t understand how important this was until I started getting into the coaching world. There are so many amazing coaches out there but not all of them resonate with me. And for awhile, I didn’tContinue reading “86: How do you communicate?”

85: Feeling Stuck? Find your Why.

As you’re continuing along your recovery journey, there’s going to reach a point where you feel stuck. It seems like you smacked right into a brick wall and you can’t move past it. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get over it, around it or under it. It’s completely holding you back.Continue reading “85: Feeling Stuck? Find your Why.”