Ask for Help

I’m giving you permission: ASK FOR HELP! Think you can’t ask for help? Think again.

I don’t need help.

How many times have you said that to yourself, only to regret it later? How many times have you said that because you think you should know what to do but you you’re upset that you don’t?

I’ve been there.

Because I knew so much about nutrition, I told myself that I didn’t need anyone to guide me because I should be able to figure it out on my own. Because I had trained people in the past, I told myself that I should be able to develop my own plan without assistance from anyone else.

Here’s a fact: I was wrong. I was so wrong that it’s laughable.

I held myself to such high standards that I hindered my own progress. I didn’t allow myself to reach my full potential because of my pride. Now looking back, I’m kicking myself because I didn’t ask for help sooner.

I was so convinced that if I asked for help, it meant that I wasn’t good enough. If I wasn’t capable of achieving results on my own, I wasn’t worthy of them at all. If I could give my ego a kick in the face, I would. Happily.

For all of you high achievers out there: you don’t have to know everything. I am giving you permission to admit that you don’t know it all. I am giving you permission to admit that you don’t have the ability to do it all. I am giving you permission to ask for help.

When I say “help,” I mean anything that will either speed up your progress, make the journey easier, or make the journey possible.

For me, help came in the form of an amazing vegan bodybuilder on Instagram, Kim Constable (@thesculptedvegan on insta). I’m not sure how I happened upon her, but I was so glad that I did. Kim shared a story about she really wanted to grow her quads and no matter what she did she couldn’t seem to make it happen. So she sought out a trainer that had helped other women get what she was looking for, and that trainer helped her to completely transform her body. The effort was her own, the results were hers, but it wouldn’t have happened had she not asked for help.

Every day she was sharing valuable content that helped my knowledge and passion grow. Not only did she reignite that fire in me of wanting to pursue bodybuilding, but she taught me so much. I learned how to adjust my nutrition plan to my goals. I learned more about the foods that I should eat that would bring me closer to my goal. I learned about the metabolism, weight lifting, and cardio. If I had been closed off to help like I was before, I would have never received any of that information.

Getting help doesn’t take away from your progress. Getting help can speed up your progress more than you could on your own. That is why it is so important to seek out those that have done what you’re looking to do. They can provide you a blueprint with the exact steps as to how they did it. By following those steps, you can take months, sometimes even years off of your journey. Imagine what it would feel like to not have to worry about what you don’t know. How amazing would it feel to have someone guide you and prevent you from making the mistakes that they did?

You’re never too good for help. You’ll never know everything. I needed a massive reality check when I thought that I knew everything. A successful person knows they’ll never know everything. The most amazing leaders are students first. So allow that to take some pressure off of you. You’ll never be expected to know everything, so stop feeling like you have to. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and seek out help.

What is an area that you’re going to seek help in? 

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