Karleigh Saunders, to be precise!

I’m from a small town in Western Washington with a big personality. I’m a single mom to the most amazing little boy. I’m also a Confidence Coach and professional hype woman obsessed with all things personal growth, health, and fitness. I’m a little girly, quite nerdy, and passionate about seeing women reach their full potential.

Some things I answer to:

Confidence Coach

I help women cultivate the confidence they need to realize their worth and reach their full potential. I am passionate about women seeing just how amazing they truly are. Want more information on what I do? Click here!

Gym Rat

I’m obsessed with health and fitness. In fact, I’m training to become a competitive bodybuilder. The gym is where I let out the stress and angst of the day. I love seeing how my body changes and the strength I gain.


I’m a single mom to a handsome 5 year old prince. Axel is my best friend and pushes me to be the best at everything that I do. Whether we’re cuddled up watching Star Wars or playing with slime at the table, spending time with him is my favorite.

Nerdy Homebody

My outfit of choice is sweats and a nerd shirt. I collect shirts that have to do with anime, comics, video games, etc. That is about 90% of my wardrobe. If I had the choice between going to a party and curling up on the couch with the Xbox, the couch wins every time.

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