72: What’s your Word?

2020 has finally come to an end. Here’s a warm welcome to 2021.

Happy freakin’ new year, boo! We survived! We made it! That’s worth celebrating. So make sure you do that today. Take a few minutes and celebrate what you just did. And yes, surviving is worth celebrating. Waking up today is worth celebrating. So celebrate that!

After celebrating, allow yourself to think about your goals for this year. I don’t mean empty resolutions that you’re going to quit a month in. I mean real, true, solid goals.

Start with a word.

Before I create my yearly goals, I start with a word. While that may sound odd, this is the word that I bounce every goal off of.

My word for 2021 is discipline.

In the past, I’ve been really good at starting projects and absolutely horrible at finishing them. I had myself convinced that I had no concept of consistency or completion.

But 2020 taught me that that’s a complete lie. I started this podcast back in April and I haven’t missed a week yet. Every single week I post an episode. In fact now I post two a week.

If I wasn’t capable of consistency, there’s no way that I would be able to make that happen. What I realized is that I didn’t have a strong enough why that lead me to creating discipline.

When I think about this podcast, I think about every woman listening and the message she needs to hear. If I didn’t show up, you wouldn’t receive this message. So I dug deep into my why and the consistency happened naturally which morphed into discipline.

In 2021, I’m going to take that concept with me. I’m digging deep into my why and focusing on creating discipline.

What’s your focus in 2021?

As we begin to look forward into 2021, what do you want your focus to be? Think about the things you wanted to do better. Begin to dive deep inside and figure out who the person is that you want to become.

What will your word for 2021 be?

When you have your word to reflect your goals against, you’ll be able to see what goals really fit you this year and which ones you need to let go of.

Whatever your word is, surround yourself with it. Set reminders on your phone, but sticky notes around your house, put a reminder on the steering wheel in your car.

Pull out a journal and begin to brain dump about this. Allow your brain to get it all out on paper so you can get some clarity for not only the coming year but all of your goals.

Focusing on your word is going to keep you on track.

If discipline is my word, that means that I’m going to have to create work hours and stick to them. If spending time with my son is going to be a priority, I need to get disciplined in managing my time. I need to get disciplined with my focus so I can get things done without distraction.

If I didn’t have this word to guide me, I wouldn’t be able to realistically set my personal and professional goals so they actually fit in my life.

Your word is the picture on the box.

Your life and goals are like big jigsaw puzzle. You can dump all the pieces out and figure out how to make it fit without the picture. You can find the edges and make things make sense.

But when you look at the picture, it makes it easier to make it fit. You can see groups of color and what stands out. Having the picture to guide you will save you so much time and frustration.

When you let your word be your guiding light, everything else will fall into place. Things will begin to make sense. You’ll recognize that more of what you want fits into your life because you’re living it according to your values.

Measure your goal against your word.

Maybe your word is joy. That means you need to measure every goal against that word. Don’t set goals that are going to force you to do things that pull joy away from your life. If you absolutely hate running, don’t set a goal to run a marathon.

However, your goals should make you get uncomfortable. If joy is your word and you also want to get in better shape, you’re going to have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

But just because you’ll be uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean you have to absolutely hate life while doing it. If you hate the treadmill, don’t make it your goal to walk on it every day. Instead, find ways to move that you enjoy. Maybe it’s Zumba, a kickboxing video, dancing with your kids, going on a walk. Whatever it is, align it with your word and your life will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

2020 taught us to get comfortable with change and the uncomfortable.

I’m not saying to settle for mediocrity or less than you desire. But so often we chase goals that we don’t truly want but goals we feel we should want. When you weigh your goals against your word, it’s going to minimize that greatly.

I am so incredibly excited to find out what 2021 has for us. If we let it, we’re going to achieve things we never thought possible.

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