Episode 33: This Exercise will Change Your Life

Hey boo and welcome to another episode of the confidence in ground up podcast.

I’m your host Karleigh Saunders and I’m your confidence coach. I am obsessed with All Things personal growth, personal development and helping you realize your self worth.

Okay, so today’s episode is very, very, very different than anything I’ve ever posted here. I was really hesitant to share this here. But it got such good feedback. I just I knew that more people needed to hear it.

So this was actually an igtv that I did on Instagram. And I decided to upload the audio here to the podcast because so many people had reached out and said that it helped and said that they’d gotten so much out of it.

It was like, Okay, you know what, my podcast babes need this too. So forgive me. The sound quality’s not Perfect, you can hear some cars in the background. And I’m also sitting on my back porch when I’m recording this. And so you’ll hear some creaking and that’s just the porch swing.

So I apologize about that. I tried to edit it. If you enjoyed this episode, please, please, please send me a DM on Instagram, leave a review on iTunes or wherever it is you’re listening and let me know.

Let me know if you like this. Let me know if you want more. And I’m really excited for you to hear this. I’m so excited to know what you’re going to get out of it.

And I’m just going to stop blabbing and we’re going to get right to it. First we’re going to start with why why I’m doing this and why I’m deciding to do this right now.

So my son is six years old. My son is a single mom in case you didn’t know six years old with special needs and also right now is the time massive time of change in transition as we are working towards getting our own place and you know things at the house are crazy because we’re kind of coming off of this quarantine and preparing for another one.

And things are crazy and so him going to bed is not easy, especially with it being laid out so late and it reached a point where he was so hyped up and normally I lose my mind. Honest to God, usually I’m not a great mom at night.

I’m so tired. I’m so done. I just want to go to sleep. But for whatever reason, I decided to do an exercise with him. Short Story long. I let him through a breathing exercise and leading him through this exercise. my six year old hyperactive child changed probably bedtime for the rest of forever after this breathing exercise and it took less than five minutes I honestly think was maybe two minutes long.

After this two minutes, he was out within 10 minutes he was totally relaxed and he breathes himself through it. So I wanted to share this is a breathing exercise I do myself when I feel myself getting an anxiety attack or like having a panic attack Come on.

And I wanted to share it with you if this can help my hyperactive six year old you know angry The world child that I know this can help you, if you’re watching this, there’s one of a few reasons. One, you’re in abuse recovery, you’ve gotten out and you’re working on healing, to you’re in an abusive relationship and you’re working to get the healing, or you’re working to get the strength to leave, or three, you love the process, you want to work on building your own confidence.

And what I say speaks to you too, regardless of any of those things, there regardless of why you’re here, there was a really good chance that you have a lot of anxiety, and there’s a really good chance that you’re really tense and you’re really worried and you’re really focused on the world around you.

But I want you to really stay with me, I don’t want you to this off, I want you to watch this. I promise this could legitimately change your life. If you’re a mom, I use this on your babies. It could change their life in your life in the process.

So first and foremost, what I want you to do is I want you to find a place either sit down or lay down if you are laying down Don’t hold the phone up above your head, put the phone down and just listen. But I want you to find a place to sit.

And I want you to completely relax. Okay? as relaxed as you can get. And now that I’m saying this and sharing it, I’m already getting silly. So I need you to understand I feel silly doing this to this isn’t something that I’m completely, I’ve completely normalized yet.

So I’m on this journey with you don’t feel so silly that you’re too good for this. Just do it. Okay. So sit down, get relaxed, I’m not going to let myself get to relax or else I will seriously fall asleep. But I want you to sit back, get relaxed and get comfortable, preferably with a chair that you can lay your head back.

And first, I want you to start with breathing. Now what we’re going to do is we’re not going to be breathing into our chest, you’re breathing to fill your belly, so when you breathe, you should be able to go

and see your belly. Expand.

Your belly contract.

So I want you to start with taking a big deep breath in through your nose, big belly breath.

123 Here we go.

And then you’re going to hold it for the count of three. And then you’re going to let that breath go, making almost a whistle, like shape with your mouth.

We’re gonna do two more of those in thier nose.

All right, now this is our last really, really big breath, we take the next step. So we’re gonna take a big deep breath in through your nose, and then we’re gonna take it as much air as you could possibly hold. Okay, ready, here we go. 321

big belly breath and hold it for the counter three.

push all the air out.

As much out and you can’t imagine anymore,

not imagining Marty campers out anymore.

And now what I want you to do well, this is really hard for me cuz I’m already getting like, chill, and I want to go to bed. Now, the next step of this is we’re going to repeat that process, but I want you to add a visualization.

First, I want you to think of your favorite color, whether that’s a color that’s fun, or it’s a calming color to you. Whatever color that is.

minus purple. People always

think blue is my favorite color, but it is not it is purple, it’s got blue in it. So I’m going to imagine purple. So what I want you to do is imagine your cloud. So now you know I’m imagining purple, I want you to imagine whatever color is like whatever your favorite color is, okay?

And I want you to imagine that when you breathe in the air is your favorite color. And I want you to imagine filling your body with that color. I want you to imagine here that that color is going in through your nose, down your throat and into your belly.

Now I want you to imagine that it’s swirling in your belly, I always imagined the opening scene of Move on when the calligraphy is like painting the clouds. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but like there’s a swirls, or like the swirls of the smoke and Hercules.

Yes, I make Disney references for everything. So I want to take a big deep breath in and imagine that color going in through your nose down your throat and filling your belly and swirling beautifully. Just like I’m like campfire, how the campfire swirls, imagine 321

Here we go. Fill it up with that color. Allow it to fill your belly and then push it out. And as you’re pushing it out, you’re feeling that color go back out of your belly, up into your chest, out of your nose and out into the world.

And then we’re going to do that two more times imagining this color, okay. So, sit back, close your eyes, and breathe in your favorite color

and then breathe out. Now it’s really important, I don’t want you to miss out. That’s not going to do nothing right now, I want you to take a big deep breath in through your nose. And when you’re breathing out, push the air out.

Making that really weird shape with your mouth. This guides it and requires more muscle contraction.

I don’t know the entire science behind it, but I do know that it helps. So this is the last time we’re gonna do it before adding in the next step. Okay, you’re gonna breathe in that color

filling your body

and pushing it out for me. I honestly see it as if it was actually happening. I imagine that purple smoke going in through my nose and filling up my gut and being pushed back out again.

Now if this is your very first time, first time doing any type of breath work, you may not feel relaxed right away. I was not relaxed right away. I was also very, very, very resistant. So if you’re still in that resistant phase, don’t go into step three yet and I know don’t mean just quit and try again tomorrow.

I mean, he taking some more deep breaths until you can calm your breathing, calm your heart rate, calm your thoughts. This is all easier said than done.

But do it anyway. So now step three, we practice the breathing and then we imagined our colors. And now step three is you’re going to relax your body, piece by piece. So now I want you to take a really deep breath in.

And as you’re taking that big, deep breath in,

keep breathing. I want you to relax your shoulders into the chair. completely relax your shoulders in through your nose. And as you exhale, relax your shoulders, in their nose. And with your exhale, relax your back in your belly. Let the let your back in your belly just completely sink into the chair.

I had my son imagine that he was on a cloud so he could imagine being enveloped you know in that soft, fluffy Enos. If that works for you do that grow. Imagine you’re on a cloud sinking in that cloud in thier nose and exhale, allow your butt and your hips to relax and sink into the chair or the bed or the cloud wherever you are. Now I

want you to do this again, one more time in thier nose.

And then as you exhale, relax your legs and your ankles and your feet. If you want to separate even more. I separate legitimately each section of my legs.

So first I relaxed my thighs and then I relaxed my knees and then my calves, my ankles, my feet and my toes. Whatever works for you, boo. Okay, do that. And now with this last breath, what I want you to do is I want you to take in physically I as much air as you possibly can, and then when you get there, do it some more.

Do it until you’re boxing you feel like you honestly can’t hold it anymore. And then when you exhale, I want you to push as much air out as possible. Even when you think you’ve got it all I want you to push work those muscles and get as much air out, okay?

And as you exhale, I want you to relax your head, into the back of the chair into the pillow into the cloud. Whoops, whatever works for you. Okay, so here we go. The biggest breath you could possibly imagine, here you go.

And hold it for three.

Relax your head.

Push out as much air as possible.

in sync into the cloud into the bed, the chair wherever you are in your mind right now.

Allow yourself to relax. This is something that has honestly changed the whole course of my anxiety. I have managed to keep my anxiety attacks and panic attacks under so much better control now, because of this breathing, am I saying that it fixes everything?


Am I saying that it’s worth a shot? Yeah.

So I want you to do this and honestly sometimes I have to breathe through specific muscles in my face. I hold so much tension in my trapezius right here in my neck and in my face. I hold a lot of tension right here.

So if you need to breathe for relaxing your brow breeze through relaxing your brow breeze through relaxing your neck, breathe through it. And I want you to make this a nightly practice.

I want you use every night before bed. And if you can do this before bed one I fully believe that you’re going to go to sleep a lot easier because if you’re anything like me, it is really hard to fall asleep. If you’re anything like me, this is going to help your depression because you’re going to be able to breathe through it.

When I feel my depression Come on. Right when that Like first layer hits, my anxiety usually picks up really, really strong, which causes all my muscles to tense. And so breathing through it, it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t cure it. I’m not saying that. But it really does help relax your mind, relax your body, relax your muscles. If you want to do muscle by muscle and you relax one butt cheek and then the next bunch do that.

If you want to do your left arm and then your left wrist and your left fingers do that. Just make it a habit. This is something this exercise. It took us longer here today because I’m walking you through it. But honestly, my son it took probably about two and a half minutes.

And again, this is a very very very hyperactive child who’s going through a lot and it’s really hard to get him to go to sleep. lately. It’s been a battle of taking an hour to two hours to get him to fall asleep.

Tonight. It was less than 10 minutes after this breathing exercise. When I say it saved my sanity. It saved my sanity. So go try this exercise tonight. Allow yourself to really relax into it. And then once you do tomorrow I don’t want you to rush in DM me tonight I want you to feel the effects of it.

Tomorrow morning, send me an E or like a couple hours later whenever you’re watching this. I want you to send me a DM and let me know if it works for you. Let me know if you want more things like this.

I’m realizing that I have found a lot of techniques that really work for me that have become so second nature that I haven’t thought about sharing them because, you know, I never thought that they would be impactful.

So if you want more things like this, send me a DM and let me know. And if you haven’t already, I want to go click link in my bio and sign up for September’s masterclass September is gonna be all about building your boundaries.

In honest to goodness this breathing exercise can help you when you’re working through those boundaries. Because when I at least for me thinking about setting boundaries gives me a Anxiety in breathing through it helps to solidify that.

So I’m not gonna go on a huge rant on that just go check out click the link in my bio sign up go to Carlin comm slash boundaries sign up for free September’s masterclass it’s totally free live spots are limited.

You don’t want to miss it. Never ever forget you are strong. You are capable.

You are intelligent, and you’re so damn worthy. I boo. I love you.

Sleep. Well have a great day and just


Alright y’all, do you feel relaxed?

Yeah, wasn’t that good.

This breathing exercise has changed the course of my personal life.

It’s changed the life of my little dude. And doing this and letting go of the resistance that I had to this because it was like breathing, all of this breathing stuff, but that’s where the hippies and all that letting go.

The resistance that I had regarding the breathing exercises, was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s allowed me to better process my just my life.

In general process, my anxiety and other issues and the human body is just amazing. And I could geek out on it all day, I’m gonna try to wrap it up and keep it short here.

At the very end there, I made a mention of the boundaries class. So if you’re listening to this in August of 2020, you still have time, the class that I’m referring to at the end of that igtv is build your boundaries.

It’s a free masterclass that I am hosting on September 5 at 10am Pacific Standard Time, I’m literally going to be breaking down step by step, how to build boundaries with confidence.

Boundaries that are unshakable that you will uphold regardless of the situation and regardless of whatever may come at you and I know that that’s something that so many of us struggle with.

I decided that it was it was high time it was high time to break it down and go all in on it and teach a whole class and so that’s karleighlynne.com/boundaries.

I’ll make sure it’s in the show notes as well. So not only can you just copy and paste that into your browser, it’s going to be good. You don’t want to miss it.

Again, it’s karleighlynne.com/boundaries. Okay, y’all, thank you so much for listening to this. Thank you so much for bearing with me.

I know it was different, but I really, really hope it helped you. And again, if this did help you, please please please leave a review on iTunes or wherever it is. You listen and just let me know.

Do you want more stuff like this? Or do you like the way it normally is? I am here to give you guys what you guys need. So please let me know.

Alright, y’all, I love you and never ever ever forget:

You’re strong.
You are capable.
You are intelligent
You’re so dang worthy.
I love you guys.

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