Pantry Essentials for a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

When I was first starting out on my healthy eating journey, stocking my fridge was the easy part. I knew fruit and veggies were good for me, so I would just buy a bunch of fresh produce and call it good. But when it came to my pantry, I was stumped. What was good and what wasn’t? What was I going to do to fill in the gaps between all of this produce? Especially having a picky kiddo – it took a lot of trial and error. Once it was stocked, it was easier to see what we continually used over and over again. It was also sad to see what items never got touched. Now I know what we like and what to keep on hand.

Nuts and Seeds:


Sunflower Seeds

Chia Seeds

Flaxseeds (bonus tip – flaxseeds can’t be digested whole. Grind some up in your blender and keep it in your fridge so it’s ready when you need it.)

Pumpkin seeds

Slivered almonds



Black beans

Kidney beans

Butter beans

Dried Fruit:



Grains (All gluten free):



Steel cut oats

Old fashioned oats




Tomatoes (Did you know they’re not supposed to be refrigerated until cut? Blew my mind!)

Sweet potatoes



Maple Syrup

Honey (Many vegans don’t use honey and I completely respect that. I source my honey locally from a responsible farm that I feel comfortable using.


Garlic powder




Red pepper flakes


Tortilla Chips

Natural peanut butter

Orgain protein powder

Dessicated coconut

Nutritional Yeast

My hope for this is that it reduces some of the confusion. I also hope to save you from the wasted money and food frustration that I went through to get there.

Having a consistent list to work from makes meal prep and planning so much easier because you don’t have to wonder what’s on hand or what you need to grab from the store.

Want to know what I keep in my fridge? Click here!

What does your pantry look like? What are your absolute must-haves? Let me know below – I’m always looking to try new things!

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