Fridge Essentials for a Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet

Between the amount of food I have to eat to keep up with training and my five year old who eats like a linebacker, it is difficult to keep a stocked fridge. Especially considering we eat a whole foods, plant based diet. We don’t eat much processed food, but a lot of fresh produce that doesn’t have a long shelf life.

To minimize trips to the grocery store I buy essentials in bulk. This also makes sure that I don’t waste food by buying a ton of things we won’t end up eating. It’s cost effective and makes food prep so much easier. We try to eat as fresh as possible, which means a fridge overflowing with produce at the start of the week and completely empty by the end of it. So going to the store weekly instead of every few days not only saves gas, but so much money from impulse shopping.

(Non) Dairy
Unsweetened Almond Milk (Silk is my favorite brand, but I grab whatever is on sale)
Earth Balance Organic Whipped Butter (Best nondairy butter ever)
So Delicious Unsweetened coconut yogurt

Berries (when in season)

Swiss Chard
Mixed greens
Snap peas
Patty pan squash

Salad dressing (My favorite is the Follow your Heart vegan Ranch – it’s DELICIOUS)
Organic unsweetened ketchup (my son will eat anything if some ketchup is on it)
Coconut water
Coconut aminos (The soy free version of soy sauce. I use it on everything.)
Rice Wine Vinegar

Frozen veggies (broccoli, leafy greens, cauliflower)
Frozen fruit (cherries, berries, mango, pineapple)
Organic juice pops (a nice sweet treat, and honestly bribery to get my son to eat his veggies)

It seems like such a short list, but these are the things we eat so much of.
I buy all of these, especially the freezer goods, in as much bulk as possible. I buy so much frozen veggies and fruit at the beginning of each month the cashier always makes a comment about how healthy we are. Keeping the freezer full helps to move past those cravings of wanting to eat junk. Its a lot shorter of a trip from the freezer to the microwave than it is to go out and buy stuff. Axel is like his momma and has a ridiculous sweet tooth. Giving him some frozen fruit gives him that sweetness he’s looking for with all of the goodness that fruit also provides.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a lot more idealistic in the grocery store than you are when you get home. I always tell myself I’m going to experiment and try new things. I buy way too much of something just for it to go bad. Then its a waste of money, a waste of food, and so much guilt. This way, I buy more of what I know we’ll eat and limit new things to a smaller amount because I don’t have room in the fridge for it. There’s more of a chance I’ll actually use the new things because I want to know if I should add it to next week’s grocery list.

Keeping a list short and sweet makes shopping and meal prep so much less complicated. In a life of constant chaos, simple is definitely the goal.

Want to know what I keep in my pantry? Click here!

What are your fridge essentials? How often do you go grocery shopping?

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