187: A New Commitment

The podcast has a new name. Formerly Confidence from the Ground Up, it’s now The Worthy Of Show.

When I first started the podcast, my focus was helping women find and build their confidence. I helped them develop the skill (yes, it’s a skill) but what I quickly realized is that the thing that held me back was the abuse that I went through. I connected with women who understood that part of my story.

As the podcast has grown, the name Confidence from the Ground Up, while serving it’s purpose up until now, it felt like it was separate from the rest of my brand.

My main focus is helping women build up their sense of self worth. Helping them to understand that they’re worthy of love, of living, of freedom, of whatever it is you desire in life.

If you follow me on social media, you know that Worthy is in everything that I do. Worthy Apparel is my clothing line. Worthy of Recovery is a 30 day journal for survivors of abuse. Worthy University is my coaching program.

The podcast felt like a disconnected extra limb, like the third sleeve on a sweater. It was slapped on last minute and by accident.

This really hurt because the podcast is the core of why I do what I do. It’s why I show up on social media, why I have a YouTube channel, why I started working with clients.

I got comfortable sharing my story because it feels so intimate, like it’s just me and my listener.

That’s why I wanted the podcast to come back and be front and center with the beautiful new cover art (I’m obsessed with the colors) and the new name.

Worthy Of is both a question and an answer.

People will ask “Worthy of what?” and the answer is “Worthy of it. Whatever it is you desire in life.”

It already feels so much more connected. I’m so inspired to show up more powerfully, more consistently because I want this to be a tool that can change lives.

After moving across the country and finally feeling settled in our new home, I’m ready to make the podcast a massive focus.

My mission in life is too dang big for me to keep playing small. So many things have happened recently that have confirmed that my divine assignment is helping women heal from abusive relationships and see that they really ARE worthy.

We are going to be a generation where we raise men and women who know what love is, who knows what abuse is, who know who know how to demand respect and how to stand up for themselves.

It is time that we hold ourselves responsible for our own lives. It’s time to take radical responsibility for our future.

What happened to us is not our fault. We did not ask to be abused. We didn’t ask to have children with abusers or to give our kids shitty parents.

And we didn’t deserve it then and we don’t deserve it now.

But the unfortunate fact is that it is our responsibility to heal from that so we don’t pass it on to our kids. So we don’t continue falling down this spiral of a self fulfilling prophecy. Because if we don’t take radical responsibility, things will never change. And we can’t continue to complain about change we refuse to make.

I had to get real and ask myself, Am I willing to do this work? Am I willing to fight for the life that I know that I deserve?

If the answer is no, then I need to stop being so damn tired and leave it alone.

If the answer is yes, I can choose a season of hustle for a season of rest in the future.

And that’s what I chose.

If you are in a place where you have not actively chosen recovery, now is the time to make the choice. And if now is not the time to make the choice for recovery, that’s okay.

If that is something that you can’t commit to right now, that’s okay. But stop beating yourself up because you haven’t yet. Just decide, are you doing it? Or are you not doing it? And if the answer is no, it’s time to set it aside.

If you are wanting to choose recovery, then it’s time to stop making excuses and do the work. Whether it’s listening to podcasts, taking notes, going through journals, or getting Worthy of Recovery. Do the dang work.

This is hard – stupid hard. It’s not fair. We have to heal from things we didn’t ask for. We have to put in the effort and energy to heal from things that were done to us by sick people who saw us as their playthings WHILE raising humans.

Honestly, it’s stupid.

But if we don’t heal, I can guarantee you, the cycle will continue.

If we don’t heal, we are telling ourselves that we are okay passing this on as a life for our children to live.

I am committing to showing up more intensely, with more fire, to help you on your recovery journey because our babies deserve better.

We are worthy of the life that we dream of. We just have to get it.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the podcast, because you are not going to want to miss the amazing things coming up. Every Tuesday and every Friday, we are going to be dropping some major fine you’re and you’re not gonna want to miss it.

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