86: How do you communicate?

Do you know your communication style?

I know that may seem odd, but think about it for a minute.

I didn’t understand how important this was until I started getting into the coaching world. There are so many amazing coaches out there but not all of them resonate with me. And for awhile, I didn’t understand why.

I found out last year the answer:

it was how they communicated.

I like coaching that’s understanding but tough. I want to make sure they acknowledge what I’ve been through but they also care enough about me to kick my ass into gear. I need some of that non judgemental tough love.

This not only helped me find the coaches that help me grow, but it also taught me more about myself. Once I understood what best serves me as far as communication goes, I learned what works and doesn’t work with how I talk to myself, how my friends communicate with me, and the type of people I’m best suited to work with.

Think about your favorite leaders, influencers, mentors, people you look up to. Why do you connect with them? What do they have in common?

Learning your communication style is going to help not only your personal growth, but it’s going to help you as you navigate healthy relationships. When you know yourself better, you can communicate it. There isn’t a guess and check option – you can tell the other person what works best for you and you’ll be open to hear what works best for them.

The more you know yourself, the more freedom and power you’ll find. You’ll also be able to internalize important information you get from the world around you better because you’ll know what’s for you and what isn’t.

You’ve got this, boo!

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