84: The Voices that Say You’re Not Enough

You want to do more. There’s this feeling in your gut that there’s more out there for you and you’re ready to go after it. But then the voice of “Not Good Enough” pops in and yells at you.

It tells you that you’re not enough. Not good enough. Not worthy enough. It gives you a million and one reasons why all you’re going to do is fail.

I wish I could say that the voices that say you’re not good enough go away.

I wish I could say that all you have to do is say enough affirmations and do enough journaling that you never have to hear them again.

But unfortunately that’s just not the case.

You don’t need those voices to disappear.

What you need is tools in your back pocket to make them shut up or at least quiet down.

I can tell you all day long that you’re enough. I can repeat my daily affirmations to you until I’m blue in the face.

But if you don’t believe it, if you’re not taking actions to shut those voices up, nothing will change.

But what actions are those?

  1. Accept that your worth is something you can’t earn. Your worth is inherent. There’s nothing you could do now or in the future, nothing you could’ve done in the past, that would make you more or less worthy than you are right now. Period.
  2. Get consistent with your affirmations. Say them outloud to yourself consistently.
  3. Do things that make you feel good. Go on a walk, have a kitchen dance party, read a book, do a craft. Whatever it is, do things consistently that make you feel amazing.

But even with those steps, the most ironic thing is that you’ll never fully feel enough. You’ll never fully feel ready. There’s no right time. But once you step out and do the thing, you’ll realize that you can do it anyway. The more you do the thing, the more “enough” you feel.

But until you start, you’ll never feel like you can start.

You’ve got to get out there and take that first step.

I know it’s scary, but I promise you it’s going to be worth it.

You’ve got this, boo!

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