62: Shift your Energy

What energy do you bring into the day?

I’m not talking about a woowoo level, I’m talking about you.

Do you wake up excited to start the day? Or do you wake up hating life, cursing your alarm clock every morning?

Do you go throughout the day looking for reasons to smile? Or do you go throughout the day looking for proof that life is awful?

That’s the kind of energy I’m talking about.


It’s the second part of my coaching framework (for step one of the framework, click here). Becoming aware of and shifting your energy is one of the most important, wonderful gifts that you will ever give your self.

I know it’s easier said than done, so we’re diving in today. Let’s do this.

Bring the Joy.

I was first made aware of the importance of the energy we bring every day in the book High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. This was the very first personal development book that I took seriously and actually applied to my life. It was HPH that pushed me to start the journey I’m now guiding you through.

The very first chapter in that book is called Bring the Joy.

When I read that the title of that chapter, I immediately stopped reading. Sitting in the Safeway parking lot at 7pm under a streetlamp waiting for an order to hit on my grubhub shift.

I thought it was so stupid. I was like, “Oh my gosh, seriously, really? You’re one of those people. Okay.” I read maybe a paragraph or two into the chapter before throwing it into the passenger door of my car. That’s how deep I was in my lack of personal responsibility.

But eventually I picked it back up and kept reading. When I finally let go of my pride and took in what he was saying, he shares an example that has stuck with me ever since. Brendon Burchard shares that you are capable of generating joy.

He uses the example of a power plant.

The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates energy.

Energy doesn’t just go poof into the energy plant. It has to constantly generate the energy it needs to power the world around it.

That is the exact same concept when it comes with joy. You get to generate whatever energy you want. You get to take charge of your emotions and your feelings.

For anyone who started to get upset with me, I was that way too. But hear me out for a second.

When I’m having a bad day, if I were to sat sit down, and in front of the podcast mic and I didn’t shift my energy – imagine how depressing that would be.

“Hey, guys, welcome to the podcast. I mean, my child’s making me want to rip out my hair and I slammed my knee into a table and today really sucks. But, hey, we’re here. Let’s recover together. Woo.”

Can you imagine if I showed up that way? No. Absolutely not.

Shifting your energy is possible.

Here’s another example that I heard from my girl Kim Constable. She’s my favorite vegan bodybuilder.

I was listening to her podcast and she said something along the lines of:

If you were having a really crappy day but then all of a sudden you got a phone call and you found out you won the lottery, your energy would shift real quick, right? If you just found out you won $5 million, you would go from “today sucks” to “today is the most amazing day ever.”

Is the lottery what shifted your energy?

No, you shifted your energy. The lottery was just something that excited you.

It’s the same concept. With or without the lottery, the good day or the bad day, we are capable of shifting the energy.

Why is this important? Why does this matter when it comes to recovery?

Think about it. Last episode, we talked about priming your brain.

Can you imagine if you never shifted your energy and you always came at your brain with negativity and a depressing tone?

When you shift your energy along with all the stuff you’re doing to heal your brain, you’re going from the super negative and changing it to the “Oh, hey, I can do this. You know what today may have sucked. But it doesn’t get to take away my joy.”

Let’s go back to more examples of how this works.

You know that feeling when that one person walks into the room and you feel the energy lift, or you walk up to a group of people and all of a sudden you just feel like a depressive energy just chillin on your chest?

That is the energy that I’m talking about. That is the prime example of the power plant.

The energy in the room is the power plant.

The people are generating that energy, whether they realize it or not. That doesn’t mean you need to always generate joy even when things suck. I’m not talking Pollyanna or toxic positivity here. I am just saying that even when things suck, I am empowering you with the information that you get to change your energy.

What happened to you was not your fault.
The shit you’ve been through was not your fault.
The things that were done to you, you did not ask for.

But you don’t have to carry that energy with you for the rest of your life.

If that is not one of the most empowering things, I don’t know what is. This is the thing that blew my mind.

I was so angry and I didn’t want to hear any of it. Hearing that I didn’t have to be angry all the time was the last thing I wanted.

When it really sunk in it made me realize this was so important. I was able to create joy.

Even though there was no one giving it to me, I was capable of giving it to myself.

When I first started my journey I didn’t know that I could feel anything other than anger or sadness. I genuinely didn’t understand that I had a say in anything different. I thought that I was doomed to feel miserable because of what I had gone through and what had happened to me.

Even if you are pissed off and you just want to shut off the world all together, you’re capable of feeling joy.
Even if you feel lost and lonely and thrown out, you’re capable of feeling love and happiness.
You’re capable of generating that yourself without searching for it from anybody else.

When I first learned this, I was pissed. So if you’re rolling your eyes and swearing at me right now, I don’t blame you.

Why didn’t anyone teach me this? None of the therapists I was forced to go to growing up taught me this.

I was never told that I was capable of feeling anything different.

No one told me that I was capable of changing the way I felt.
No one told me that I was capable of being anything other than angry or sad.

I was just told that those were the cards I was dealt, and I had to make the best of it. It still makes me angry to think about.

I’ve never been so happy to find out I was wrong.

You do not have to stay perpetually angry and lonely.

We do not have to continue to seek love from people who hurt us. We can generate that energy within ourselves simply because we exist. That’s the power we’ve been given.

You do not have to carry the weight of what they did to you forever. You can put it down.

I know it’s easier said than done, but I want you to understand that it’s possible.

The fact that it’s possible is pure magic.

Take a second to internalize that magic.

That healing is possible. It’s possible to be free from that weight.

But that healing is your responsibility.

And as much as it’s not fair, as much as it sucks, healing is your responsibility.

But I don’t want you to see that as a burden, I want you to see that as taking your power back.

Recognize that the power is in your hands and all you have to do is choose to harness it.

You get that ability, because you are that strong. You worthy and deserving of that.

But you have to make the decision, you have to make the choice to generate joy. Make the choice that you’re going to generate power and happiness.

I know this is easier said than done.

When you make that choice, you’re going to notice a dramatic shift in your life.

They told you that you were worthless, powerless, that you deserved it.

I am here to tell you that all that is garbage. Those abusers, those people that hurt you, they lied to you and gaslighted you out of your own mind.

How do you do that?

With an open mind, pull out a journal and answer the following prompts:

What will happen when you choose to change your energy?

What would it be like to wake up and make the choice to be joyful, even if it’s nothing but chaos around you?

I want you to set the timer for a minimum of three minutes for each prompt.

Even if it feels like you’ve got nothing else to add, just keep writing.

This is going to become your why. This is going to give you the motivation to keep going even when you want to quit. Even when you don’t want to purposely find things to be joyful for, this will keep you going.

This isn’t easy, but you’ve got this. You deserve so much more than hating every day that you’re alive. Your life is absolutely precious and you deserve to appreciate every single day of it.

You’ve got this!

If you’re ready to really focus on your energy and go after your best life, click here to grab my free confidence course! This five day course is going to give you the foundation you need to not only choose joy in every day, but it will also give you the skills needed to live your most confident life. Click here to grab yours!

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