#43: Chasing the Coveted Apology

How many of you have waited for the apology?
How many of you want that apology?

That apology that you want so bad, the apology that you deserve. The apology that is should be given to you. That apology that is rightfully yours but has absolutely no impact on your healing journey at all.

Waiting for the apology before healing is saying ,

“You shot me in the foot. I’m going to sit here until you told me you’re sorry for shooting me in the foot. I’m not going to go to the hospital and get this stitched up until I get the I’m sorry from you.”

Waiting for the apology before you move forward is doing absolutely nothing but stunting your growth.

The thing about apologies is that they are continuing to live their lives while you’re halting your own.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the the apology. You absolutely deserve it. And you need to let go of the guilt and heaviness you feel for wanting it.

But where you get stuck is when you refuse to move forward until you get the actual apology.

I did that for such a long time after my ex and I split. I was so intent on getting the apology that I lost focus on myself.

But what I need you to realize is that once I let go and accepted that the apology will probably never come, I was able to breathe again. I realized that I can choose to spend the rest of my life angry about how unfair it is or I can choose to live the life that I was meant to live.

It was like I found the key and unlocked a part of myself that I didn’t even know existed.

Prefer to watch? Here’s the video!

Did that does that get rid of my desire for the apology? No.

Did that get rid of the fact that I deserved the apology? Nope.
Do I still deserve an apology? Oh, hell yeah.

But I am not going to stop my life because I’m too busy waiting on someone else to do something that has absolutely no impact on my life.

I want you to sit back and think about something for a second.

If they said I’m sorry, then what? If they gave you the genuine apology? Then what? Is it going to take away all the trauma? No.

I’m sorry is nice, but it doesn’t take away the hurt.

If I punch you hard in the arm I can say I’m sorry all day long, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it hurts. Hearing “I’m sorry” could feel good for a second. But in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t change anything.

But by choosing by actively choosing to stall your own healing, you’re handing over all of the power of your life. You’re saying “I’m going to continue to stay miserable while you are in charge of my life.”

Letting go is saying man “I want that apology and that’s okay” but I’m going to continue to live my life.

I know this is all easier said than done.

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