Episode 34: Grace is your new BFF

Boo, you’ve got to give yourself grace.

You have a lot going on in your life, the world is absolutely insane, and it feels like you’re on a merry-go-round that you just can’t get off of.

The last thing you need to do is beat yourself up.

As humans, particularly women, we’ve gotten stuck in this toxic pattern.

We give ourselves an impossible list of 500 things to do. When we don’t complete it, instead of celebrating the 50 things we did get done, we beat ourselves up for the 450 that we didn’t.

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Not only is that setting up for completely unrealistic expectations, but it’s telling our brains that we’re not worth celebrating.

Grace needs to be the thing you turn to for when you start to be hard on yourself. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t push yourself or work hard.

But beating yourself up is only going to do the exact opposite of what you need.

When you beat yourself up, it solidifies in your brain that it’s a normal and acceptable thing. It goes into your brain and actually harms it. It creates connections where it begins to not believe in itself, where you don’t believe in yourself.

How are you supposed to push past all the hard stuff?
How are you supposed to take off towards your best life?
When you’re telling yourself that you’re doing it wrong, that you’re not doing enough that you’re not good enough?

Giving yourself grace is saying, “You know what? I gave it my absolute best. It’s okay that I came in second, because I gave it everything that I had.

I got stuck there and that’s ok, because this trauma runs deep.

It’s okay that I had to reread that chapter several times because the point just wasn’t hitting home.

It’s okay.”

Grace is giving yourself permission to be human.

You have got to give yourself grace. By not giving yourself grace at every turn, you’re stunting your own growth.

If you fail, Grace.

if you win, Grace.

When you mess up, Grace.

if you get it all the way done, Grace.

if you didn’t stick to a goal, Grace.

When you achieve the goal, Grace.

Grace needs to be your best friend.

It needs to be the thing that’s always standing by your side. Grace needs to be there when you fall.

Give yourself grace.

You are doing your absolute best

You are fighting for your best life. That’s pretty freaking amazing.

You deserve grace. I don’t care what your past looks like. I don’t care what your current looks like. The fact of the matter is, you deserve grace. You are worthy of grace.

It’s there and it’s yours, waiting for you if you choose to accept it.

Girl. Stop pushing so hard that you don’t allow yourself to revel in how far you’ve come.

Give yourself grace.

Grace needs to be your best friend and she wants to be if you let her.

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