Episode 28: Instantly Boost your Confidence with this ONE trick!

We’ve fallen into this trap of thinking that confidence is a Catch-22 situation.

We don’t have the confidence to step out and take action, however we won’t get confidence if we don’t step out and take action.

So we feel like it’s as lost cause and we may as well just give up.

This is the excuse that we all give ourselves to avoid doing the worth.

The first thing to recognize is that confidence is a skill. It’s something that you have to actively work at in order to get more of it.

You won’t get the confidence until you’re brave enough to set goals that require you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Confidence isn’t something that will cause the heavens to open as the glorious light shines on you and you absorb the mystical power of confidence.

The more you wait for confidence to hit you, the longer it’ll be before you actually start anything worth pursuing.

The quickest way to feel an instant boost of confidence is to reach a goal that you set for yourself.

Realizing that you’re capable of doing something that you said you’d do is so freaking powerful. It starts to fill your confidence account and you get excited and want to do it again.

The more goals you reach, the more confidence you’ll feel. The more confidence you’ll feel, the more you step outside of your comfort zone. The more you step outside of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you’ll feel stepping out.

It’s really a beautiful cycle if we allow it to be.

It doesn’t matter what kind of goal it is. Whether its being able to run a mile, start a podcast, writing a book, getting your kid to eat his broccoli, or finishing a book you started. Whatever it is, go after it. Once you achieve it, you’ll get more and more comfortable with yourself.

This also teaches you to trust yourself. For so long you didn’t follow through with deadlines you set for yourself so you lost trust in yourself, along with your confidence. So this is a massive boost both to your self trust and confidence.

This is why confidence is such an important part of your recovery journey.

You don’t have to go out and do the most difficult thing on your list. All you need to do is take a deep breath and take a baby step toward your smaller goals.

The more baby steps you take, the more confidence you’ll gain.

It’s a win-win, right?

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