Episode 23: What does abundance mean to you?

Many people are so caught up in their own world, in their own limitations, that they don’t see far beyond that.

Now this isn’t judgement by any means – I used to be there, too! Heck, I still find myself there at times. But the problem here is that when you don’t open up beyond your limitations, you’re going to stay stuck.

Try this out:

Imagine a friend was trying to give you a gift but your hands were clenched in a tight fist. Your friend was desperately trying to give you the gift they were so excited to get for you but you refused to open your hands to receive it.

Not only did you have a clenched fist, but you crossed your arms while simultaneously telling your friend that you really wanted the gift, that you needed it.

Can you imagine how confusing that would be?

That’s how life is.

I am personally a woman of faith, so I believe that God is right there trying to give us the things that we’re asking for but we’re so caught up in our own issues that we can’t receive it.

If you’re not, that’s totally fine. However you choose to think of it, whatever you believe in, life is waiting to give you the things you desperately want and need.

Here are some facts:

If you focus on nothing but negative things, that’s all you’re going to see.

By focusing on the positive, you’re going to see more positive things in the world.

If you focus on finding opportunities, you’re going to see so many more opportunities than you ever thought possible.

Let’s break this down.

When you go into the personal development world, two things you hear a lot are “mindset” and “limiting beliefs.”

You hear these things for good reason. I fully believe that if everyone understood these concepts, our world would be much better off. We’d all have SO much more grace and understanding, but I won’t be on that soapbox for long.

We’ll start this way.

Have you ever thought about getting something and you went from seeing it nowhere to seeing it everywhere?

You really wanted a yellow car, so you started thinking about getting a yellow car. And now you’re seeing yellow cars everywhere you go.

Is it because the world was conspiring to drive you crazy by pumping out yellow cars to put in your path?

Haahaha, no. It’s because yellow cars were on your mind so it’s what your mind is focused on.

Or maybe you’ve finally decided you’re ready to date and you end up seeing sickeningly cute couples everywhere you go?

What you focus on you see more of.

What you focus on you’re drawn to.

This is why us self help gurus are OBSESSED with the abundance mindset.

We’re obsessed with abundance. We’re obsessed with going after big dreams. Why? Because we deserve to.

Have you ever met someone that said they wanted something, but any time an opportunity came up, all they had were excuses as to why they couldn’t?

Has this person ever been you?

When you actively seek abundance, when you actively seek your dreams, you’re going to do more to make it happen in your life.

If all you have are excuses, you’re never going to take that first step because, well, what’s the point? You’ve already decided it’s never going to happen so why bother?

When you live your life insisting that you’re never going to get what you supposedly want, then you’re never going to get it.

People think that the abundance mindset is just waiting for the universe to plop something in your lap just because you asked for it.

Unfortunately that’s not how this works.

The abundance mindset is training your mind to know that abundance is out there for you, that you’re capable of going after it and making it happen.

That you’re willing and able to go after it until it comes to pass.

Every single time you make an excuse, you’re telling your brain that you’re never going to get anything. Why? Because all you do is come up with excuses.

Nixing the excuses, opening up your palms, deciding to take that first step is what the abundance mindset is all about.

Abundance means there’s more than enough room for everyone to rise to their full potential.

You have to train your brain to remind you that you’re more than capable. That you can do it.

But you have to want to. You have to actively seek abundance on a regular basis. It has to be part of your daily thought process.

I know this concept is a little different and can seem a bit complicated. What does abundance even mean? Is it different for everyone?

Everyone’s version of abundance will be different, yes.

Abundance doesn’t just mean massive houses and several zeros in the bank account.

It could be an abundance of love. Abundance of resources, strength, voice and capabilities.

What I consider an abundant life will be different than what you consider to be an abundant life. But just because my abundant may look different than yours, doesn’t make it better or worse, just different.

But the similarities come from the fact that we are living with our hands open, ready to receive instead of closed off, arms crossed, angry at the world.

You deserve to live an abundant life. A life of love, a life of enough, a life of more than enough, a life where you never have to question your worth. A life where you never have to question your abilities. Where you never have to wonder if you’re good enough.

Abundance is seeing someone else’s success and using it as inspiration instead of “well they already did it so I guess there’s not enough room for me.

It’s freedom from wondering if you’ll make it.

Abundance is out there for you if you choose to open your hands to receive it.

You’ve got this, boo. I’m cheering you on.

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