Karleigh Lynne

Karleigh Lynne

I help women heal from abusive relationships, let go of the guilt and
create a new life of freedom they deserve.
Let’s recover together.

Have you experienced an abusive relationship? Are you currently struggling with the guilt, shame, frustration, anger and loneliness it can bring? If so, girl, you’re not alone. Worthy. is a monthly group coaching program for women just like you. Because boo, you deserve more than a life of confusion and pain. You deserve a life you LOVE.
Why? Because you’re so dang WORTHY.

The Confidence from the Ground Up Podcast

A podcast where Karleigh dives deep on all things self love, personal growth, and confidence building. Click above to listen!

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Here is where you’ll find everything confidence related, from dating to body image, parenting to crushing limiting beliefs.

Work with Me!

Ready to take charge of your life and move forward on your confidence journey? Click above to find out how to get Karleigh as your coach!

Your self worth doesn’t come from anyone but yourself.

Karleigh Saunders

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About Karleigh

Karleigh is a single mom in a small town in Washington State. She has dedicated her life to helping women grow and see their worth.

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